GATA Award Winners 2020

GA/TA Award for Educational Leadership

Amy Natyshak

Amy Natyshak, Faculty of Education
"Amy displays consistent evidence that she is willing to take initiative in enhancing the learning environment for students by supporting her fellow TAs. Along with establishing standards for communication and modeling expectations, the creation of resources demonstrates her accountability as a teacher." ~ Selection Committee

GA/TA Award for Educational Practice

Katie Hirsch

Katie Hirsch, Department of Kinesiology
"Katie demonstrates an engaging and supportive approach to teaching and learning through her enriching discussions and collaboration on course design and delivery. She fosters student learning through various forms of evaluation and, as evident in the feedback she’s received, empowers her students by providing them with detailed comments for improvement." ~ Selection Committee

Hio Tong Kuan

Hio Tong Kuan, Department of Applied Social Psychology
"Hio encourages critical thinking, questioning, and reflective assessment, thereby promoting practical, transferable skill development. Enhancing her teaching practice through the use of learning-centered feedback strategies, Hio demonstrates her power to be a caring, adaptable, and responsible teacher." ~ Selection Committee