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Dr. Richard Frost

Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) Award

Dr. Richard FrostDr. Richard Frost

Dr. Richard Frost (BSc Hons. Physics, London; MSc Medical Physics, Aberdeen; PhD Computer Science, Strathclyde), a recipient of the prestigious Leadership in Faculty Teaching (LIFT) Award, is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Windsor.

Dr. Frost has been involved in university instruction for 30 years, exercising his ability to listen, help, counsel, and commit to teaching and research. Former Head of the School of Computer Science, he is well-informed on academic as well as pedagogical issues. He is actively engaged in research and curriculum development, with the aim of assisting students to become insightful, active learners. Dr. Frost’s SpeechWeb project, funded by the Natural Science and Engineering Council of Canada, employs advanced Computer Science theory to provide people with natural-language speech access to a Public Domain Speech Web. This project began with a suggestion from a visually impaired student who attended one of Dr. Frost’s classes.

Dr. Frost believes that the “primary role of faculty should be to motivate and encourage students to become fully engaged in learning,” and while maintaining their role as mentors, help “students reach their potential by creating well-organized courses with clear expectations, active student participation, and fair means of assessment.”

In 2002, Dr. Frost was also awarded the University of Windsor Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching.