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Reached Milestones

  • May 2021: Governance structure for the LMS Review project completed.
  • June 2021: Project plan / timeline and communication plans initialized. Identified community engagement activities.
  • July 2021: Initial consultation with LMS Advisory Committee completed.
  • August 2021: REB Application submitted for the surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  • September 2021: Campus engagement started.
  • October 2021: Survey data collection completed.
  • December 2021: Request for Proposal posted for viewing by potential vendors

What's Coming Up

  • Winter 2022: Vendor Proposals submitted.
  • Winter 2022: Vendor Presentations.
  • Winter 2022: Opportunity to test and provide feedback regarding shortlisted LMS.
  • Winter 2022: Focus Groups and Interviews.

Past Communication

Engagement with the University of Windsor community is ongoing and is itemized on the LMS Review 2021 Communications page (off-campus users must be signed into GlobalProtect VPN to access the wiki).