UWindsor Engineering Oath

Code of ethics of engineering.

In 2018, the Faculty of Engineering introduced the Iron Pin Ceremony. The ceremony highlight is the reciting of the UWindsor Engineering Oath and presentation of an Iron Pin to each student. By reciting the Oath, students pledge to uphold the ideals and expectations of the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Windsor, and the Association of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Respect, ethics, and professionalism are key to the expectations that we hold for our Engineering students as they work through the curriculum on a path to receiving their Iron Ring in their final year and a future career in Engineering. As students receive their Iron Pins, they will notice that there are three holes in the pin. The holes are placeholders for the bronze, silver, and gold medallions that they receive at the start of each year of their studies. The annual ceremonies remind them of the oath they’ve taken.

As a member of the University of Windsor Engineering community:

  • I promise to behave in a manner that demonstrates my commitment to academic integrity and my devotion “to high ideals of personal honour and professional integrity”, as required by the Code of Ethics of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.
  • I promise to treat my fellow students, the staff and faculty members with fairness and loyalty, respecting the values of equity, diversity, and inclusivity in my campus community.
  • I promise to treat University property and equipment with care and respect.
  • I promise to resist and discourage any behaviour that may be in conflict with this oath.

To demonstrate my belief in the University of Windsor’s core values, I pledge to work towards:

  • academic excellence,
  • doing my part to promote equity, diversity, and inclusivity in my community and my profession, and make Engineering a safe and welcoming environment for all,
  • care, compassion, and respect for all members of the campus community, and
  • making a positive impact on campus and engaging my local community.

By taking this oath, I pledge that I will strive to work for positive change, become an upstanding member of my community, and a proud ambassador of the University of Windsor wherever I may be, before or after graduation.

Please review the University of Windsor's academic integrity senate bylaw and stance on the following unacceptable behaviours:


First-Year Handbook 


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