Course Information

First Year Completion

In order to register for second year, you must complete 80% of your first-year courses.  If this is not the case, you will have to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your options. 


To change programs within engineering, you will need to speak with the Associate Dean Academics Office for permission. Your CGPA must be at least 60%. If you would like to switch out of engineering into another UWindsor Program, you will need to meet with an Academic Advisor or with the Associate Dean Academics Office to discuss your decision.  

Repeating Courses

If you repeat a course, the third attempt is the grade that counts towards your degree. You may only repeat a course twice. The Associate Dean approves a third attempt. All attempts will be recorded on your transcript. If after three attempts you fail a required engineering course, you will no longer be eligible to complete an engineering degree at UWindsor.    

Adding/Dropping a course

Most of the time you can add or drop a course from UWinsite Student. However, there may be a time when you have to use a manual add/drop form.  The undergrad add/drop form is found in the Associate Dean Secretary’s office in Room 2139, CEI.  The form is also available online on the forms and timetables page. Once the add/drop form has been filled out and you have received the appropriate signatures, please turn in the form to the Associate Dean Secretary’s Office in Room 2139, CEI for approval.  Once the form is approved you will receive an email from the Associate Dean’s Secretary and you will be instructed to pick up your add/drop form and take it to the registrar’s office where they will make the changes that you have requested.  

Dropping a Course or Voluntary Withdrawal

You must voluntarily withdraw from a course that you do not want to take before the Voluntary Withdrawal deadline. The deadline is usually the first week of November for the Fall term and the first week of March for the Winter term. Pay careful attention to the deadlines for Voluntary Withdrawal because if you do not withdraw before the deadline, you will remain registered in the class and will be assigned a final grade accordingly by your instructor. If you are failing a course, drop it before the drop deadline. It is better to receive a Voluntary Withdrawal (VW) than a failing grade. 


It is your responsibility to be familiar with all important deadlines and other significant academic dates.  Missing deadlines may result in monetary or academic penalties. 

Course Credit

There are courses that are required components of our accredited programs in the Faculty of Engineering. As such, it is expected that students will take that course unless they have previously taken a university level course in that subject area that is considered to be equivalent. Your degree requires the completion of a defined group of courses as defined by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board that we have delivered to you and for which you have demonstrated satisfactory proficiency. Until those conditions are met, we do not award the degree.  

Course Timetable

The course timetable is found on the Registrar’s website.  It will show you all the courses offered at the University as well as the time the course/lab is being taught and which professor will teach the course. 

Religious Accommodation Guidelines for Students

The University of Windsor recognizes and values religious diversity and will accommodate students who have religious obligations that conflict with an academic requirement (e.g., attending an exam, test, laboratory or other mandatory academic events).

Religious Observances 

The University provides departments with a multi-faith calendar with information about various religious observances. This calendar serves as a resource listing of some of the major religious observances which may impact study.

Other Mandatory Academic Events (test, midterms, labs, etc.)

The student is responsible for making a formal request to their instructor(s) for an alternative date or other means of satisfying the course requirement. The request should state that the date/time conflicts with a specific religious observance. This should be done within the first three weeks of the academic term (one week for six week courses). Where the date of the religious observance cannot be predetermined with certainty (e.g. those determined by the lunar calendar), the request should still be made as above, along with an explanation that there may be a conflict with a religious observance. Failure to provide the instructor with reasonable time to consider the request and possible forms of accommodation may result in a denial of the request. After a written request for an accommodation is submitted, the student and instructor(s) should meet to work out the arrangements. The instructor will process requests in a timely manner, and in a way that avoids academic disadvantage to the student. Both parties agree to act in good faith. If the student and the instructor cannot agree on an accommodation, either party can contact the Department Head or the Office of Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility for assistance. 

Final Exams 

The student must submit a written request for an alternative date to write a final exam to the Registrar’s Office prior to the end of the fourth week of classes (second week for six week courses) as per Senate By-Law 51. Forms are available at the Registrar’s Office.

Other Issues 

Where the accommodation relates to an academic issue that is not a scheduling matter (e.g. dress code), the student should discuss the matter directly with the instructor. If necessary, either party may contact the Office of Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility for assistance. 

Office of Human Rights, Equity & Accessibility. 
Phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 3400 

Medical Certificate Form

To be used by all Engineering Undergraduate Students Effective September 9, 2009, all Faculty of Engineering students must use the medical certificate form to document your medical situation, in order to ask for consideration for a missed academic responsibility.

  • This medical form will be used by the Associate Dean’s Office to determine if consideration (e.g., medical make up) will be given for a missed academic responsibility as per the undergraduate calendar.
  • The Associate Dean’s Office will not accept any other medical notes from physicians.
  • This form can be faxed directly from your doctor’s office or submitted to the Associate Dean’s Office.
  • If you miss a responsibility in a class offered by another faculty, you should first see the Associate Dean of Engineering, who will copy the form. Then you should bring the form to the faculty member teaching the course.

Dr. Afsaneh Edrisy
Associate Dean - Academic
Faculty of Engineering
Fax Number:  519-973-7035

Examination Policies

You are responsible for making sure you are in the right place at the right time to write your exam.  Exam schedules are available prior to the start of your exams.  You must be prepared to show your student ID card at any time during the examination.  If you do not have your student ID you will not be allowed to write the exam. If you have a conflict in your exam schedule, you must report it to your professor(s).  If you have more than three exams scheduled on the same day you should let your professor(s) know at the beginning of the semester.  All exam dates are posted along with registering for your classes. It is your responsibility to be aware of these dates well in advance. Request for consideration for health, bereavement, or extenuating circumstances.  

A student who wishes to receive consideration on matters affecting or shown to affect his/her academic performance, such as, serious health circumstances or bereavement based on medical or compassionate grounds, or unanticipated extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student (e.g., jury duty, caring for an ill family member, labour disputes, etc.), should communicate with the Associate or Assistant Dean or their instructor as soon as possible, prior to, during, and subsequent to the examination period, or at the time when a student’s performance is evaluated for the purpose of assigning a grade, taking into account the severity of the illness, bereavement, or other extenuating circumstance. The instructor may choose to handle the matter informally. Whether or not informal resolution is obtained, a formal request through the Office of the Registrar is also possible.

We all know that life “happens” and that sometimes circumstances take you away from your studies but you have to let us (your professor, Assistant or Associate Deans) know to avoid academic trouble! Leaving school for any lengthy period of time can put you in academic jeopardy. In case of an emergency either you or a family member should contact us to put your academics on hold until you’re able to resume your studies. 





First-Year Handbook 


Office for First Year Engineering
Faculty of Engineering, University of Windsor
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