Offices are located in the Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation (CEI).

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Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-Leech

Dr. Beth-Anne Schuelke-LeechAssociate​ Professor of Engineering Management & Entrepreneurship
519-253-3000 ext. 5937
Office: 2176 CEI

Research Interests
Emerging and Disruptive Technologies
Engineering management, innovation, and entrepreneurship
Sustainable and resilient systems
Big data and text data analytics


Dr. Vesselin Stoilov

Dr. V. Stoilov

519-253-3000 ext. 4149
Office: 2147 CEI
Research Interests
Micro/nanoscale mechanics & tribology
Modeling and characterization of active materials (shape memory alloys, piezoelectric, ferroelectric, and magnetostrictive materials)
Multi-scale modeling

Dr. David Ting

Dr. D. Ting

519-253-3000 ext. 2599
Office: 2144 CEI

Research Interests
Flow turbulence, flow-induced vibration
Heat transfer, combustion
Energy & thermal systems, renewable energy
Aerodynamics, vortex dynamics

Dr. Jill Urbanic

Dr. Jill Urbanic

519-253-3000 ext. 2633
Office: 3029 CEI

Research Interests
Additive manufacturing / 3D Printing / Rapid prototyping
CAD/CAM, process planning & manufacturing systems design
Product design for manufacturing, product and process design optimization

Dr. Michael Wang

Dr. Michael Wang

519-253-3000 ext. 2610
Office: 3031 CEI

Research Interests
Product innovation
Sustainable product design and manufacturing

Dr. Nader Zamani

Dr. N. Zamani

519-253-3000 ext. 2643
Office: 2170 CEI

Research Interests
Finite Element Analysis
Computational Mechanics
Computer Aided Engineering

Dr. Guoqing Zhang

Dr. Guoqing Zhang

519-253-3000 ext. 2637
Office: 3017 CEI

Research Interests
Optimization, decision support systems
Supply chain management, modelling of manufacturing
Operational research, operations management

Dr. Ming Zheng

Dr. M. Zheng

NSERC/Ford Industrial Research Chair in Clean Combustion Engine Innovations

519-253-3000 ext. 2636
Office: 129 CARE Building 

Research Interests
High efficiency engines, combustion
Emission control & diagnostics; active exhaust after treatment

Dr. Biao (Bill) Zhou

Dr. Biao (Bill) Zhou

519-253-3000 ext. 2630
Office: 2171 CEI

Research Interests
Computational and experimental: fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, multi-phase flow, combustion, and electrochemistry
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), electric/fuel cell powertrain and system control
3D printing (additive manufacturing technologies), fuel cell science & technology