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Gifts, Endowments and Trusts

Mission & Vision

The Gift and Pledge Processing area within FAR supports the University’s mission by processing and accounting the generous gifts and pledges provided by our alumni and friends.


Gifts of Securities

It is our pleasure to receive gifts of shares and other investment products from our alumni and friends. When gifts of investments are received, it is our policy to sell them as soon as administratively possible. The University’s protocol for gifts of securities is outlined in the Protocol for Donations of Shares document. We request that Major Gift Officers and others facilitating these gifts on campus complete the Securities Transfer Form to ensure they are processed expediently.


Gifts in Kind

The University appreciates gifts of goods to Departments. Should a donor wish to receive a donation receipt for their gift of goods, we ask that the Request for Donation Receipt for Gift in Kind form be completed.


Endowment and Trust Accounts

Campus community members who wish to open and Endowment or Trust are requested to complete the Finance Ticket: Open or Modify a Trust


Statement of Investment Policies for Endowments

For information related to our investment policies for our endowment trusts, please see Statement of Investment Policies for Endowments


Any incoming Donations should be tracked through a Finance Ticket: Donation Ticketing System and Repository being submitted prior to being sent through interoffice mail addressed to:
Gift and Pledge
Chrysler Hall Tower (CHT) 4 th Floor 

Please view our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Contact Information

Jenifer Gritke – Assistant Director, Financial Reporting