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Student Appointments - Frequently Asked Questions for Students

This section provides a listing of frequently asked questions for students about appointments to work at UWindsor.

If this is your first time working at the University, or if it has been more than one year since you were last paid by the University, then you will need to send in new student hiring documentation. Please visit the Student Appointments section of the Human Resources website to determine which documents are required. Please send your completed package by email to

Please ensure that documents are fully completed and signed and the required supporting documentation is included. A student cannot work on campus until the hiring process is complete. Incomplete packages will delay your start date.

If it has been less than one year since you last worked at the University, and all of your legal documents remain current/valid, then you may not need to provide any additional documentation to Human Resources.

If this will be your first time working on campus and you do not have a University employee number yet, please leave sections asking for your employee number blank. This includes the employee number section on any contract for the department that is hiring you.

Your employee number will be generated and sent to you via automated email once your appointment has been processed in the Human Resources system.

For students working for the first time, an employee number will be generated and sent via automated email when the student appointment has been processed in the system.

For the TD1 and TD1-ON Personal Tax forms, please ensure that the personal information section is completed at the top of the first page, and that you sign and date the bottom of the second page. Please read through each section and see if the section applies to you, and if so, add the required information. If the section does not apply to you, you may leave it blank.

If you have further questions about the forms, you can contact a tax specialist, or the Canada Revenue Agency as the tax forms originate there. Please note that team members in Human Resources cannot provide any additional direction on the Canada Revenue Agency forms.

We require government-issued identification and proof of your Social Insurance Number (SIN), such as a SIN card or Service Canada confirmation letter, for the student hiring package to be complete.

If you would like to bring these documents in person, please use this link to make an appointment with a team member in Human Resources.

As our employee files are subject to annual audits, we are required to provide verification of each employee's Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Due to the high volume of student hiring packages received, you will not receive a reply from Human Resources unless you are missing documentation in your hiring package.

Please note that new hires will receive an automated email with their employee number once the student appointment has been processed in the system.

Please direct all inquiries to Alternatively, an in-person or virtual appointment can be booked to assist with any inquiries at this appointment booking site.

Due to the high volume of student contracts being processed at the beginning of each semester, please note that we will process all Graduate Assistant (GA) and Teaching Assistant (TA) contracts before the start date indicated on the contract.

All contracts will be processed on the Friday before the start date of the contract. Please do not inquire about receiving your email authorization before this time. If you have not received your employee number by your start date, please email to inquire about the status of your contract.

A graduate/undergraduate student can work up to a maximum of 24 hours per week across all positions they hold. Please visit the Graduate Studies website for more information.

The student may be able to exceed the above maximum hours if on a scheduled break from their program. Please contact Human Resources at to confirm eligibility.

When you apply for a new study permit, please send your proof of application to so that we can update your employee record accordingly. When your new Study Permit arrives, please email a copy of it, along with your updated Social Insurance Number (SIN), to

Your pay information, as well as tax forms, can be reviewed in the myUWinfo guide to access your myUWinfo portal.

If you have a concern with your pay information or pay deposit, please direct inquiries to so that they can assist you. Please include your employee and student numbers in the request with contact details so that a member of the Payroll team can follow up with you.

Please send requests via email to Please include your employee and student numbers in the request with contact details so that a member of the Payroll team can follow up with you.

If you need to update your bank direct deposit information, please complete the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit and email the form, along with a void cheque or direct deposit form (available on your online banking portal or at your bank), to

If you need to make changes to your TD1 or TD1-ON tax forms, please fill out new TD1 Personal Tax Credits Returns - forms and send them directly to


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