Orienting New Employees

All employees must complete the online Employee Orientation Module within the first two (2) weeks of employment. The objective of this module is to facilitate the integration of employees, to ensure understanding and adherence to the mission, values and policies of the University and to enable employees to adjust and transition to the University. The Letters of Appointment contain information about the mandatory Employee Orientation and training modules.

The immediate supervisor is responsible for orienting employees and assisting them in their transition to the department. The following are examples of activities that could be undertaken:

  • Start with the basics. Focus on the why, when, where and how of the position.
  • Provide the new employee with a list of key staff in the department to assist her/him in becoming familiar with the team.
  • Be concrete about your expectations and what employees can expect from you.
  • Set up a “buddy system”.
  • Give opportunities to the new employee for self-directed learning.
  • Take the new employee on a tour of the department and key areas around campus that she/he will need to access.
  • Encourage the new employee to keep a journal of comments, concerns and questions. Meet regularly to discuss issues and answer questions.
  • Model the behaviours you want employees to follow.

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