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International Arrivals Fall 2020 & Winter 2021

UPDATE: The University of Windsor has received approval to reopen to international students from outside of Canada.

UWindsor is now on the approved list of designated learning institutions (DLIs) that have reopened to asymptomatic international students from outside of Canada. International students who have or have been approved for a study permit can now travel to Canada for their studies (a non-discretionary or non-optional purpose).

In order to reopen to international students who aren’t currently in Canada, the Government of Ontario had to review UWindsor’s COVID-19 readiness plan to ensure it protects the health and safety of all students, staff and the community. UWindsor’s readiness plan includes safe and comfortable accommodation arrangements for the mandatory 14-day quarantine period for students and can be found below.

Have Questions? An online webinar was hosted on Nov. 19 to help students learn more about our COVID-19 Readiness Plan and the steps International Students need to follow to safely travel to Canada. A recorded version of the online webinar is now available, along with a PDF version of the slide deck that was presented.

Prior to leaving your country of origin, review all information carefully and thoroughly before proceeding with your plans. 

General Information Before You Travel to Canada:

1. Review the Government of Canada Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Travel restrictions, exemptions and advice:

2. It is highly recommended that you download the Canadian Federal Government contact tracing app

3. You must have a travel plan and 14-day quarantine plan ready to be presented to Canada Border Services Agency when you arrive in Canada.  You must complete the university’s Travel and Quarantine form before you leave your country. This plan must be ready to present to the Canada Border Service Agency upon your arrival. The university has created a Travel and Quarantine Plan for your use. Download it here: UWindsor's International Student Travel and 14 Day Quarantine Plan.

4. Once you have your flight booked to Canada and finalized your travel plans, you are required to complete this pre-arrival form at least 72 hours prior to your departure and include your completed Travel and Quarantine Plan 

5. Students are responsible for paying fees directly to the supplier of services for all hotel/residence accommodations, food and transportation costs.

6. At this time, parents, siblings and other family members who are not co-dependents will not be permitted to enter Canada. Do not make plans for them to join you on your journey to Windsor. Exceptions to this recommendation include any dependents who are travelling with you (e.g. spouse, children) if these individuals are staying with you for an extended period or permanently.

7. Immediately upon arriving in Ontario, you must contact the university’s Green Shield Health Insurance Plan office by email to ensure that you have health insurance coverage. You cannot be in Canada without health coverage. It is MANDATORY and ESSENTIAL from the first day of your arrival. Please include your full name, student number and arrival date in your email.

8. When you arrive in Canada and when your 14-day quarantine has started, a representative from the university will contact you by email or by phone to check up on you once every two days and everyday if you are not feeling well.  It is important that you respond to the university within a 24-hour period. If you don’t, we will have hotel staff, a university official or the local police stop by to check on you.  It’s important that we know you are safe, so regular communications are ESSENTIAL. 

Transportation Options:

Toronto to Windsor: Robert Q shuttle service is operating on a limited schedule. Other than private transportation with a friend or family member, the Robert Q shuttle service is the only option to get from Toronto’s airport to Windsor at this time.  

Please ensure you review the Robert Q Airbus website and in particular information about their COVID-19 preventative measures. Prior to departing from your home country, you should contact Robert Q directly to reserve your transportation.

There are two daily departures to Windsor: 

  1. Departs Toronto @ 8:00 AM; change of shuttle in London at Robert Q Airbus main office @ 10:15 AM; Arrives Windsor @ 12:25 PM
  2. Departs Toronto @ 5:00 PM; change of shuttle in London at Robert Q Airbus main office, with a layover of 2 hours, @ 7:30 PM; Arrives Windsor @ 11:40 PM 

Toronto to Windsor: Daily Air Canada flights are available from Toronto to Windsor. Departure dates and times vary by day.

14-Day Quarantine Options:

 You have three options to quarantine:

  1. UWindsor’s Residence. Only students who are staying in Residence for the Fall term will be able to carry out their quarantine in Residence.
  2. A hotel or Airbnb.  UWindsor has made arrangements with hotels in Windsor and Toronto that students can choose that have discounted rates and meals. Details are below.
  3. Live off-campus in your own apartment, house or room, or with a friend or family member.


Only students who secure on-campus housing through Residence Services and sign a contract for the winter semester will be offered the option of self-quarantine on campus. Please email for more information. Students who choose this option will not be allowed to leave their residence room for 14-days. 

If you secure a room in Residence for self-quarantine and you cancel within 48 hours of your arrival, a $100 administrative fee will be added to your student account.  

Residence Services will provide you with additional details you will need to quarantine in advance of your arrival in Windsor.   

  • ALL students (with no exceptions) must quarantine and are not permitted to leave their rooms or the hotel grounds under any circumstances.
  • Hotels will not provide guests with a room key to ensure compliance with the order to stay in your room for the entire 14-days. 
  • All meals will be delivered to your room.  
  • If you require support, you must contact the hotel front desk using your phone in your room. You may not leave the premises of the hotel for 14-days from the day that you check in. Hotel security will be in place 24/7 and this will include on-site cameras. Failure to adhere to this stipulation may result in serious fines by the Canadian Government and potential disciplinary measures being taken by the university. The hotel is required to report all instances of non-compliance. 
  • If you experience a medical emergency, you should call 911 and remain in your room as long as it is safe to do so. In such a situation, you should also immediately call the front desk for further directions. 
  • If you are feeling unwell and it is not an urgent situation, call Student Health Services (519-973-7002) to make an appointment with a physician. You will connect with a physician by phone or by video conference.
  • Students are responsible for booking their own accommodations and paying for all expenses for lodging and food. This includes any expenses incurred as a result of cancellations. If your flight is canceled through no fault of your own and you can provide proof of the flight cancellation, you may contact the hotel to negotiate the removal of any cancellation fee. 

Hotel Options in Toronto:

If you are planning to quarantine in Toronto, you may wish to contact one of the following hotels. Special room rates and food delivery have been negotiated with the hotel. It is up to you to contact them to secure and pay for your reservation.

Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre (Close to Pearson Airport)

801 Dixon Rd., Toronto, ON M1W 1J5

  • Additional Value Adds Included
    • Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet Access in all guestrooms
    • 20% off laundry services
    • Free local, toll-free and credit card access calls
  • Guestrooms Features
    • King or two queen beds
    • In-room safes
    • Flat-panel screen TVs
    • Dual-line telephones, data port and voice mail
    • Iron, ironing board and hairdryer
    • Flexible work station
    • Refrigerator (microwave, dishes and glassware are available upon request)
  • Meal Pricing
    • Breakfast $10.00
    • Lunch $20.00
    • Dinner $20.00
  • Meals will be delivered to each room at specified times. Students will be responsible for identifying any food allergies or dietary restrictions in advance of arrival so the hotel can ensure suitable alternative meals.
  • Meals are subject to 13% tax and 15% service charge.

Book your corporate rate for University of Windsor


Edward Village Hotel Markham 

50 E Valhalla Dr, Markham, ON L3R 0A3 

  • Hotel Direct Number: 905-477-2010
  • Hotel Website: 
    • Reservation method: Click the website link and go to “Book Now” then select Special code and enter “UOW” or click this link:
    • University of Windsor – Self Quarantine Rate $89.00 plus taxes per night 
    • Main Contact: Theiva Kumaresan 
    • Cell Number: 647-299-4334 
    • Email Address: 
    • Transportation from Pearson to Edward Village Hotel Markham: Pearson Toronto Airport to the hotel-25 minutes and the taxi cost $55.00-$65.00 
  • Agreed Terms for Edward Village Hotel: 
    • Require a credit card number to guarantee the room reservation  
    • Hotel is monitored and managed by the on-site Manager on duty 24 hours  
    • The hotel will require 24 hours to prepare for arrivals 
    • Linen, sheets, and towels will be provided twice a week and placed outside the guestroom door and to be discussed 
    • Guest personal laundry items can be bagged and place outside the room at an additional fee of $7.00 per bag  
    • All guestrooms are non-smoking rooms and smoking is prohibited indoors at anytime 
    • Designated smoking areas are 15 meters away from the hotel building 
    • Indian meal delivery service may be available upon request. 


The University of Windsor recommends the following Windsor hotel accommodations for students as an option to quarantine. 

Howard Johnson Plaza by Wyndham Windsor

2530 Ouellette Ave, Windsor, ON, N8X 1L7

  • Wyndham HotelsBooking URL
  • Rate Plan Code LBU1. 
  • Corp ID # 1000049040
    • When booking your hotel, you must inform them that you are a student from the University of Windsor and provide them with this code: UWIN. 
    • The University assumes no responsibility for expenses for hotels, food, transportation, damage to your room, etc. 
    • Rates: $69.99 per night (plus applicable taxes) and includes: 
    • A grab and go breakfast 
    • Cleaning supplies (no daily room cleaning by housekeeping will be available) 
    • Tissues, toilet paper, extra towels, coffee/tea supplies for in room machine  
    • Arrangements to have personal items laundered must be made through the hotel front desk 
    • This pricing is only available by booking directly through the link provided or by calling the Hotel directly. It will not be available at this price if you book through a booking website.
    • Two additional meals (choice of Indian or other cuisine) can be arranged for daily delivery at a cost of $8.00 per meal. Meal charges must be paid directly to the meal delivery service or to the hotel. Students should contact the hotel upon their arrival for more information.

For students living off campus, you are reminded to check with your landlord in advance of your departure to Windsor to see what options might be available to quarantine in your apartment, home or room. Some landlords may discourage you from quarantining in your off-campus home because you could expose other roommates to COVID-19 and thus all would have to isolate for the same 14- day period.  If this is the case, please see the hotel options above.

If living off-campus, it is imperative that you follow the directions of the Government of Canada regarding your quarantine. You should not be leaving your residence property for any reason, with the exception of a medical emergency.  Failure to comply with these directions, could result in fines and disciplinary action being taken by the university. 

COVID-19 Testing:

  • All incoming international students must be tested for COVID-19 during their 14-day quarantine period, and they must have a negative test before leaving their quarantine. This is a mandatory requirement. 
  • UWindsor is required to provide COVID-19 testing on campus, however, at this time, it is unavailable. The university will update this page and make announcements once testing is available on campus.
  • If you are in Windsor there are several drug stores/pharmacies in Windsor where you can get tested. You can find these locations on the WECHU website
  • If you are not in Windsor, please consult the following site to find out where you can get tested:
  • Unless you can walk to a testing location, take a cab directly to and from the testing centre. Using a cab or a ride share service is permissible if you are in quarantine. Here is more information on using a taxi or rideshare service:
  • When travelling outside of you quarantine locate ALWAYS wear a mask and stay 2-meters apart from other persons.
  • When your test is complete and you receive a result (2 to 4 days later), you are required to advise the university’s case manager that has been following up with you through email that you’ve completed your test. If you have a positive result, the case manager will follow up with you to gather additional information.

Have Questions?

An online webinar was hosted on Nov. 19 to help students learn more about our COVID-19 Readiness Plan and the steps International Students need to follow to safely travel to Canada. A recorded version of the online webinar is now available, along with a PDF version of the slide deck that was presented.