Green Shield - OHIP Equivalent Health Insurance Plan Refund Information for Newly Arrived Students


As an international student, it is mandatory for you to have health insurance coverage while residing in Canada starting from the first day of your arrival.

All international students will be charged the health insurance fees for each semester in which you are registered regardless of whether you are studying in Canada or elsewhere.

If you are a NEW or RETURNING student and have already arrived in Canada and have not yet done so, immediately email to notify us of your arrival and provide your first name, last name and student number. At that time, you will be added to the GSC OHIP Equivalent health coverage program.

If you are a NEW student and have not yet arrived in Canada, once you do arrive, you will be eligible for a pro-rated refund ONLY for the unused portion of the premiums paid in advance of the Health Insurance International Fees. You will not be refunded the health insurance fee for any portion of the month in which you arrive and will not be eligible for the refund until after you arrive and show proof of your date of arrival. This also does not include fees paid for the Drug & Dental health coverage.

For example, if you arrive in Windsor on December 4, 2020, if you submit your refund request within 14 days of your arrival in Canada (in this example, no later than December 18), you will receive a refund for your health insurance premium for September to November. If you were also registered in classes during the Intersession term (spring and summer), you would also be refunded the insurance premium for this semester.   

In order to apply for a refund, within 14 days of arriving in Canada, you must complete this form.  The form will ask you to upload your official Passport pages that identifies your colour photo with your personal information, and the page stamped by Canada Customs showing your date of entry into Canada. Refund requests are downloaded the first week of each month, therefore, please allow 6-8 weeks for the refund process to be completed. 

No refund will be given past the 14-day deadline date of entry into Canada.

This does not include fees paid for the Drug & Dental health coverage.

To learn more about your Health Insurance Plan, please visit our Health Plans & Services website.


  • At this time, the University would like to get a sense of when you plan to arrive in Canada. We recognize that your plans will be contingent upon travel restrictions within your county and Canada. We would therefore ask for your cooperation in completing this short questionnaire as soon as possible if you have not yet arrived in Canada.


  • Remember that to be able to enter Canada, you will be required to have a Self-Isolation Quarantine Plan in place.  Please refer to for full details BEFORE YOU LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY.
  • UWindsor Residence Services can provide self-isolation accommodations for a fee and if you are staying in Residence for the fall or winter term.

Regardless of where you will be staying when you arrive in Canada, you are required to quarantine for 14-days. This is a mandatory requirement.  Please visit the ISC student travel and quarantine information page for more information about this process