Leave from studies

Students may be required or to take leave from their studies while in Canada. For the purpose of assessing if a student is actively pursuing their studies, any leave taken from a program of studies in Canada should not exceed 150 days from the date the leave commenced and must be authorized by their DLI.

A student on leave who begins or resumes their studies within 150 days from the date the leave commenced (that is, the date the leave was granted by the institution) is considered to be actively pursuing studies during their leave. If a student does not resume their studies within 150 days, they should do either of the following:

If they do not change their status or leave Canada, they are considered non-compliant with their study permit conditions.

In cases where a student has taken multiple periods of leave in Canada during their program of study, the officer should consider the student’s reasons for the various periods of leave. If the multiple periods of leave do not appear to support the expectation that the student is making reasonable progress toward the completion of their course or program of study in the time allotted by the course or program of study, the officer may determine that the study permit holder has not fulfilled the condition to actively pursue their course or program of study.

Examples of reasons for leave include but are not limited to the following:

  • medical illness or injury
  • pregnancy
  • family emergency
  • death or serious illness of a family member
  • change in program of study within the same institution, outside a regularly scheduled break
  • dismissals or suspensions (dependent on degree of severity)
  • postponed program start date (see Deferred enrollment for more information)

Please note that undergraduate students do not have a leave of absense option.

Please speak to an International Student Advisor before considering taking a leave from your studies as it has implications on your status in Canada, study permit/post graduation work permit eligibility, and ability to work in Canada.

How to connect with an ISA:

Connect with an International Student Advisor through our drop in sessions, no appointment needed:

*for current student only*

1. Login to Brightspace

2. Click on “ISC Virtual Lounge” on the left hand side menu

3. Click on the appropriate Microsoft Teams link for the corresponding day

4. Join an advisor for their drop in office hours at any of the times below:

  • •Mondays: 10-11am (Amal) - IN PERSON /  2-3pm (Romi) - ONLINE

    •Tuesdays: 10-11am (Amal) – IN PERSON

    •Wednesdays: 10-11am (Romi) – ONLINE / 2-3pm (Amal) – IN PERSON

    •Thursdays: 10-11am (Romi) – IN PERSON / 2-3pm (Amal) - ONLINE

    •Fridays: 2-3pm (Romi) - IN PERSON

In Person: International Student Centre, 2nd Floor, Laurier Hall

Online: Virtually through Microsoft Teams

1. Visit mySuccess

2. Select "Student"

3. Login with your UWin ID and password

4. Select “International and Exchange” and click “Appointments”

5. Select “Book by Appointment Provider”

6. Choose the date and time you would like to meet with them.

7. Arrive on time for your appointment. Instructions will be sent in the confirmation email on how to attend your appointment on Teams.

email intladvisors@uwindsor.ca