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Modern Languages and Second Language Education

Bachelor of Arts

The Modern Languages and Second-Language Education program provides an opportunity to learn a new language and explore the culture(s) associated with it as well as to develop an understanding of the actual process of language acquisition and learning to teach a language. First year students will take one core intensive language training course in each semester of the first year. Students without prior knowledge of the language chosen will be placed at the beginning level; those with prior knowledge/study of the language will be placed at the appropriate level. Core courses in later years include second-language acquisition theory, a methodology course and a teaching practicum. Core courses in linguistics, literature and culture complement the language sequence in each language.

The program offers concentrations in German, Italian, or Spanish. Exciting double major combinations include Modern Languages with English, French, Political Science, Classics, History, Music, Psychology, and many other disciplines. No prior knowledge of German, Italian or Spanish is needed to enter this program. Exchange opportunities are available in Germany, Italy, Spain and Latin America.

Upon completion of the program, students will receive both a BA(Honours) degree and a Certificate in Second Language Education.

Career Tracks

Teaching a second or foreign language; travel and tourism; international business; journalism; government; advertising; translation.

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