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French Studies

Why French Studies?

The French Studies program of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures / Département de langues, littératures et cultures offers a varied and comprehensive program of study comprising courses in language training, linguistics, the literatures and cultures of the francophone world, and translation. A degree in French Studies opens the door to a wide variety of career choices. Teaching, government, journalism, media and business are but a few of the possibilities. In addition, mastery of a second language has become an invaluable - many would say essential - arrow in the quiver of the modern university graduate. This is especially true in the workforce of Canada, a major G8 member and an fficially bilingual nation.

Students may study for a three-year General or a four-year Honours degree. We also offer a concurrent degree (BA/BEd) program in French Studies and Education, which includes practice teaching.

Career Tracks

Teaching French as a first or second language; translation; interpreting; the federal and provincial civil services; journalism; law; media; social work; business and industry.

What are my program options?

  • General French Studies – A three-year General program providing a solid knowledge of the language, literatures and cultures of the francophone world, as well as training in linguistics and translation.
  • Honours French Studies – A four-year Honours program which allows the student to further develop his or her language skills and knowledge of linguistics, literature, culture and translation (with a view to teaching or to further study at the postgraduate level, for example).
  • Combined Major in French Studies – a four-year program taken in combination with another major degree program. The combining of programs allows students to develop unique courses of study to meet their individual needs.
  • Minor in French Studies – A set of six courses in French Studies, taken in conjunction with another university major program.
  • Concurrent French Studies Honours / Bachelor of Education – A five-year program offered jointly by French Studies and the Faculty of Education (see separate brochure for this program).

Who will teach and guide me as I pursue a degree in French Studies?

Our faculty members come from a variety of backgrounds, and have earned their degrees at major universities on three different continents (North America, Europe and Africa). This diversity is one of our greatest strengths, allowing us to offer the particularly rich and varied range of university-level courses in literature, linguistics, culture and translation which characterizes our programs. Each student in our programs is assigned an Academic Advisor (a French Studies faculty member), who provides ongoing counselling and assistance in selecting the appropriate courses for each year of the program.

What are the admission requirements?

Ontario Secondary School graduates require six Grade 12 U or U/M courses, including Grade 12 U in French or their equivalents (such as Collège Boréal High School equivalency French courses). Applicants from outside Ontario or Canada will hold qualifications of an equivalent level.

Can my degree include a period of study in a francophone region, either in Canada or abroad?

You may spend your third year studying in France at the Université de Nice on the French Riviera, at the Université François-Ralebais in Tours, at one of the universities in the Rhõne-Alpes region, or at the Université du Québec à Montréal for one or two semesters. Other opportunities include a government-funded Summer Language Bursary program that enables students to spend six weeks in Québec in an intensive immersion environment.

What kinds of courses will I take in my first year as a French Studies student at Windsor?

In the first year, students will normally take 01-29-121 and 122 (French Language Training I and II) or 01-29-123 (Intensive French Language Training), 01-29-141 (Introduction to Literary Studies) and one 200-level course in literature. Option requirements and other requirements in first year will be satisfied by taking courses in Arts, the Social Sciences or Science. In most cases, students will be required to take Foundations of Academic Writing (01-150/01-151).

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