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Modern Languages with Year Abroad

Program Profile

The Modern Languages program of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures / Département de langues, littératures et cultures offers a four-year Honours degree program in Modern Languages. The program is available in German, Italian or Spanish language and culture streams.

Language is studied both experientially (through classroom practice of sounds, intonation patterns, posture and gestures and situations typical of the target language) and theoretically (learning how to study language through, for example, grammatical analysis). Understanding of German, Italian or Spanish culture is acquired through courses on history, modern life and classical and contemporary literature and cinema. 

Third Year Abroad

Unique in all of Canada is that students taking our Honours degree are required to spend their third year at a university in a country where the language and culture they are studying is spoken. They will take courses in that language and the credit for those courses will be transferred for credit to the University of Windsor toward their degree requirements.

The obvious advantage for students is that they will experience directly the culture that they are studying and be immersed in the language at both the everyday and academic levels in a way that could not be duplicated in Canada. Students will be able to take specialized courses in linguistics, literature or culture from leading academics in the discipline.

Costs and Funding Opportunities

Our department offers substantial scholarships for students entering the program with high school averages of 90% or above. These scholarships range from $1500 - $2,500 per year depending upon the student’s average. This scholarship is renewable yearly for four years and may be applied toward the third year abroad. For information regarding this and other entrance scholarships available to students in any of our Modern Languages programs please consult the University’s Awards Office and the Outstanding Scholars pamphlet (available online).

Students expecting to go abroad for their third year will be able to plan ahead and save to pay the anticipated additional costs that will be incurred by their year abroad. However, tuition costs at the foreign university will be the same as the University of Windsor thanks to exchange agreements that have been negotiated between the University of Windsor and many foreign universities. The student will pay their tuition for the courses taken at the foreign university directly to the University of Windsor at the same rate as Windsor tuition. The cost of living in many parts of Europe is roughly equivalent to that of Canada. It may be a little higher in Germany, for example, but it is lower in Latin American countries such as Mexico. As well, several scholarships and bursaries also are available to help defray costs.  At our Italian exchange partner, free room and board may be provided by working as an English language tutor in High School classrooms. Other funding is available through the governments or embassies of the host country. Most of these funding opportunities should be pursued at the beginning of the student’s second year in the program.


The faculty members in our Modern Languages programs have earned their degrees from leading universities in Europe and North America. Our individual expertise and skills serve us to assist students in the acquisition of language proficiency and an appreciation of the rich spectrum of cultural knowledge that supports language acquisition.

Admission requirements

Ontario Secondary School graduates require six Grade 12 U or U/C courses, including Grade 12 U English. Students wishing to major in Modern Languages may begin their study of German Language and Culture at the University of Windsor. Prior Secondary School language training is not required. Those with prior knowledge of German, Italian or Spanish are eligible for advanced placement following a written test.

Career Opportunities

Program graduates will possess one of the best language and culture degrees available. The year abroad is recognized as a tremendous asset by any potential employer or graduate school. Career choices include employment in international business, tourism, translation services and government employment, especially in departments dealing with international trade and foreign affairs.

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