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Concurrent French Studies and Bachelor of Education

Program profile

The Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts in French Studies/Bachelor of Education Program is offered jointly over 5 years by the French Studies Program and the Faculty of Education. At the end of five years, graduates of this program will receive two degrees – the BA and the BEd.

Career paths

Over the course of the program, students will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to teach French as a Second Language (Core French or Immersion) in the English-language school system (Public or Roman Catholic) at the intermediate and senior levels (grades 7 to 12). Students will be prepared to fulfill the requirements for recommendation to be certified by the Ontario College of Teachers. Preparation for practice teaching begins in Year One of the program.

Admission requirements

Admission is to first year only, with a minimum average of 75%. Applicants from high school must present six Grade 12 “U” or “M” courses, including Grade 12 “U” English I, Grade 12 “U” French, or their equivalents (such as College Boreal High School equivalency French courses) in order to be accepted. In addition, a minimum 75% grade in Grade 12 “U” French (or equivalent) is required.

Exchange opportunities

Please consult the French Studies program to discuss possibilities that exist for an (optional) period of study in France or Québec, and for information about the Explore program, in which students are encouraged to take part during summers between years of study.

Practice Teaching

Students will be required to participate in practice teaching. Directed observation and practice teaching will be arranged by the Faculty of Education to include practical experience in appropriate schools and programs from grades 7 to 12, inclusive.

Program Requirements (By Year)

Below is an outline of the course sequence that students must follow in each year of the program in order to complete the program requirements. For more detailed information, see the Faculty of Education pages in the Undergraduate Calendar (select “Concurrent General Bachelor of Arts (French Studies)/Bachelor of Education”) and consult regularly with academic advisors, in the French Studies program and the Faculty of Education, to ensure that course selections satisfy prerequisite criteria for progression in the program.

Year 1:

Ten courses from the General BA in French Studies, plus Education 80-199 ‘Community Service Education’ (50 hours over two semesters).

Year 2:

Ten courses towards the General BA in French Studies, plus Education 80-299 ‘Teaching and Learning Part I’ (50 hours over two semesters).

Year 3

In the third year, students will take the entire Year 1 of the BEd program.

Year 4

Ten Courses towards the General BA in French Studies – completing the requirements of a 3-year general degree in French Studies, plus Education 80-399 ‘Teaching and Learning Part II’ (50 hours over two semesters).

Year 5 (Professional Year)

In the fifth year, students will take the entire Year 2 of the BEd program.

*A student may complete the requirements for an honours degree in French Studies by earning additional credits during the summer term and/or by completing a Sixth Year. See the Academic Calendar for course requirements for the Honours BA in French Studies.

70% major average and 60% cumulative average in the General BA in French Studies;
70% major average in the Bachelor of Education.


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