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bill bogart

Professor Bill Bogart pens op-ed about COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Bill Bogart

Professor Bill Bogart has published an opinion piece in Healthy Debate about vaccine hesitancy - suggesting a reward be offered to people for getting vaccinated.

"There is a level of hesitancy about the shot that must be addressed," writes Professor Bogart. "Multiple strategies need to be employed. One that needs further thought is rewarding people for getting vaccinated."

Professor Bill Bogart pens op-ed in Policing Insight

Professor Bill Bogart's article "What If We Legalized Heroin?" has been published on the Policing Insight website.

With the debate around the legalization of heroin back in the headlines, Professor Bill Bogart sets out the case for legalization and strict regulation of all currently illegal narcotics, with decriminalization as the first step towards resolving the failed war on drugs.