Richard Moon

Professor Richard Moon comments on Bloc Québécois leader stifling free speech by blocking critics on Twitter

Photo of Professor Richard Moon

Professor Richard Moon commented on the Bloc Québécois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet stifling free speech when he blocks critics on Twitter after they criticized his statements about Transport Minister Omar Alghabra.

Professor Moon said it is credible to claim that Blanchet infringed the charter-guaranteed right to freedom of expression of those who can no longer see or comment on his tweets.

Professor Richard Moon comments on Trump's mention of the Proud Boys

During the first presidential debate on Tuesday evening, U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned a white nationalist group, the Proud Boys, calling on them to “stand back and stand by.”

In a Global News article, Professor Richard Moon commented on the President's mention, saying it seemed to have “legitimized and emboldened the group.” 

Professor Richard Moon comments on the sale of products symbolizing hate

Professor Richard Moon provided comment in a June 19 CBC Toronto article about an Oshawa store selling products that symbolize hate on their website.

According to the article, the owner of a military surplus store in Oshawa, says he didn’t know Nazi and Confederate flag items were for sale on his website. The owner continues to say that a third-party listed the products on his site without his knowledge.