Political Science Grad Prakash Pandya Goes to Thailand to Participate in a Workforce Development Program

Prakash Pandya

For the next six months, Prakash Pandya, a graduate of the Political Science: Law and Politics program, will be interning with Youth Challenge International (YCI) in Bangkok, Thailand. More precisely, he will be working for the Education Development Center in Bangkok on a project called Connecting the Mekong Through Education and Training (COMET). This five-year (2014-2019) workforce development program equips youth with market-driven skills, promotes gender-balanced employment in key sectors, and increases technology-based learning in classrooms. Prakash’s role as a Youth Program Coordinator Intern has allowed him to develop a variety of skills including creating communications for the projects social feeds, supporting the revision of instructional documents, analyzing data regarding the projects industry partners, as well as helping develop the project’s Youth Rep program. More details about his adventures are available on his blog.