Political Science at UWindsor

Certificate in Law and Politics

The Law and Politics Certificate is constructed to provide students with an academically rigorous set of courses that foster the skill sets demanded by law schools, and to provide students with an introduction to the ways in which legal studies intersect with political science, philosophy, history, women’s studies and social justice. This certificate can be completed in conjunction with a Political Science degree or any major within the Faculty of Arts and Social Science or the wider university, and will be of interest to any student intending to pursue a career in law. 

Certificate in Law and Politics

Admission requirements are the same as those for the Honours Political Science program.

Course Requirements

Total courses: Eight

a) POLS-1000, POLS-1600, and PHIL-1600 or PHIL-1620;
b) POLS-2140 and POLS-3140;
c) One of POLS-3630 or POLS-3620/PHIL-3230;
d) Two of PHIL 2210, PHIL-2260, SACR-2600, SACR-2620, HIST-2870, WGST-3100, WORK-2000, POLS-2000, POLS-2120, POLS-2200, POLS-2210, POLS-3000, POLS-3230, POLS-4000, POLS-4210, POLS-4220, INCS-2350, INCS-2360.

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