Political Science at UWindsor

Dr. Cheryl Collier

Cheryl Collier

Associate Professor

Email: ccollier@uwindsor.ca
Phone: 519-253-3000 ext 2351
Office: Chrysler Hall North 1141

  • Bachelor of Journalism, Carleton University 1993
  • Master of Arts, Canadian Studies, Carleton University 1995
  • PhD. Political Science (Canadian and Comparative Politics), University of Toronto 2006
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (July 2021 – June 2026)

Women, gender and politics, social movements, federalism, provincial politics (Ontario and Western Canada), public policy analysis and comparative social policy, child care policy, anti-violence against women policy, violence against women in politics.

Current research –

  1. Partnership Engage SSHRC funded project 2017-2018 – Violence against women in politics: building knowledge and networks to improve gender equality in

Canada's legislatures – Co-investigator.  Dr. Tracey Raney (Ryerson) PI, Community partner – Equal Voice Canada .

  1. Insight Grant SSHRC funded project 2018-2022 – Gendering Canada’s legislatures – a comparative examination of federal, provincial and territorial efforts to combat sexism and sexual harassment in politics – Cheryl Collier PI, Dr. Tracey Raney (Ryerson) Co-investigator.
  2. Co-edited book project – 2019 publication date – Gender, diversity and federalism – co-editors Jill Vickers, Joan Grace and Cheryl Collier – publisher – Edward Elgar Publishers, United Kingdom, International Handbooks on Gender series.
  3. Co-authored study – Ministerial Resignations in the Era of Televised Parliament and the Permanent Campaign, 1977-2018, with J.P. Lewis (UNB) – paper presented to the CPSA annual meetings – Regina, Saskatchewan, May/June 2018.
  • Collier, Cheryl N.; Malloy, Jonathan, The Politics of Ontario, 351, University of Toronto Press, 2017, January, Book.
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