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2022 - Awards and Scholarships Undergraduate Recipients

Caron Joshua Walter C. Soderlund Award, Political Science
Barile Francesco Ralph Nelson scholarship, Political Science
Chams Magid (See Photo) Michael Drago Memorial Award
Dahma Mya (See Photo) Political Science Scholarships
Gascon Noah Robert Krause Entrance Scholarship, Political science
Haskell Alyssa (See Photo) Zbigniew Fallenbuchl Memorial International Relations Scholarship
Haskell Alyssa David Wurfel Scholarship, Political Science
Kawalec Alexandra E.D. Briggs Entrance Award, International Relations
Kawalec Alexandrra Terence Keenleyside Entrance Scholarship, International Relations
Lindfors-Bruno Lauren Richard Price Scholarship, Political Science
Lindfors-Bruno Lauren Political Science Scholarship
Martineau Alexis (See Photo) Kiervin Family Award, Political Science
Mohamed Liin Ronald Wagenberg Entrance Scholarship, Political Science
Volkova Polina (See Photo) Akira Kubota Scholarship in Political Science
Volkova Polina Bruce Burton International Relations Scholarship
Wright Chloe-Sue Trevor Price Entrance Scholarship, International Relations
Zahrah Hanan (See Photo) Boyer Award