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Dr. Aiman Ziout

Dr. Aiman Ziout

Dr. Ziout has recently defended his Ph.D. dissertation successfully. He has developed a new framework and design methodology to assist with assessment and design of sustainable end-of-lifecycle products that support active disassembly. He has published out of his work three international journal papers and a number of international conference papers.

Dr. Ziout had his B.Sc. in industrial engineering in 1998 from the University of Jordan, Jordan. Later in 2002, he obtained his MSc. in industrial engineering, from the University of Jordan where he conducted his research on environmental impacts and EMS (Environmental management systems) for the steel industry. Currently, he is a Ph.D. Student and researcher at Optimal Product Lifecycle management (PLM) Research Lab. at the University of Windsor, Canada.

His current research interests are:

  • Sustainable product design
  • Product end-of-life (EOL) recovery
  • Active disassembly As EOL enabler
  • Decision support systems for sustainable process design
  • Sustainable design of renewable energy products

Ziout’s research benefits from practical industrial experience; he has a total of six years in the steel industry. During his Ph.D. he maintained a strong relationship with industry through collaborative projects between PLM lab and the industry. In academia, he assists in teaching many industrial engineering courses. He communicates his research through publication and presentation to national and international conferences and journals.