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What is Prevent Resist Suppport? 

Sexual violence is a complex social problem and we believe that as a post-secondary institution we have a critical role in addressing this problem. Complex problems require comprehensive solutions. We call ours Prevent. Resist. Support. 


The ultimate goal we are working toward is to prevent sexual violence before it occurs. This requires a shift in cultural attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours when it comes to our acceptance of sexual violence as normal or inevitable. 

We need to teach our community members to be aware of what they want and feel comfortable with, and to be attentive and responsive to the needs and boundaries of their sexual partners. 

We need to teach members of our community to recognize situations that are potentially harmful and to feel empowered to intervene and prevent sexual violence from happening. 

Bystander intervention training has been a pillar of our prevention strategy since 2010. Learn more about our nationally recognized Bystander Initiative and our porfolio of educational events and workshops.  



 We know that prevention is a long-term project and that it will take years to see significant change. In the meantime, women, particularly, will continue to be subject to sexual violence. We believe women can and should be given the tools to keep themselves safe if someone does try to hurt them. We describe this using the language of resistance. 

We don't believe you can prevent someone from trying to harm you. The person who causes harm is making that choice and the onus of responsiblity belongs to them! But we do believe you can resist. 

We offer young women comprehensive sexual assault resistance education through Flip the ScriptTM with EAAA program. We also partner with Wen-Do Women's Self Defense and Acts of Resistance to offer self-defense training both online and in-person. 



Many members of our campus community either have or will experience sexual violence and we believe they have the right to be cared for and supported. It doesn't matter when it happened. If it is causing distress now, folks deserve support now. We offer emotional and practical support to any member of our community who has been harmed by sexual violence. 

We believe that support is about offering supports and building a community of survivors and supporters who care for one another. 

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