Our Faculty Partners

Our Faculty Partners

Faculty are Key Partners in Prevention

Prevention is part of the University of Windsor's ongoing efforts to foster respectful, safe, and thriving learning and work environments for ALL. 

The Bystander Initiative is grateful for the faculty members who actively support our campus-wide prevention programming by integrating our workshops within their classes, particularly in large first year courses. This integration model allows us to reach students in diverse disciplines/programs and achieve impact on a campus wide scale. 

We are currently soliciting support from University of Windsor faculty for the upcoming academic year. Interested faculty are asked to contact us at bystander@uwindsor.ca

Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Chantal Boucher (She/Her), Department of Psychology

Dr. Chantal Boucher (She/Her)

“As a clinical psychologist, I have seen the kinds of impacts sexual violence, and a lack of support following sexual violence, can have on an individual’s understanding of who they are, their relationships, and how they interact with world around them. We can change this. YOU can change this. Sexual violence should never be something we look past. It should never be the norm. We are ALL responsible for keeping each other safe and showing our support for survivors. The Bystander Initiative shows us how.”

Dr. Boucher dedicates a brief overview of the Bystander Initiative in her introductory lectures each semester and on her syllabi. She also offers bonus points to students who participate in a Bringing in the Bystander® workshop!


Darryl Danelon (He/Him), P.Eng, Faculty of Engineering

Darryl Danelon (He/Him), P.Eng

“I love that the model is based on students helping students as we are growing strong, compassionate and supportive leaders. We are creating a uniquely safe and open environment that students may have never had previously to express their thoughts and concerns.  I truly believe this initiative has an impact on student safety and I wish that this existed when I was a student as I am sure there are many who suffered quietly, even around their friends and family, out of fear, shames and other paralyzing feelings. 

As an faculty member and professional in what remains a highly male dominated field, I recognize there is an even larger importance to have supportive allies to help break down the culture of the engineering field to ensure equal safe opportunities for members of any diverse gender or background to ensure all can thrive and enrich our profession...I will continue to encourage students to get involved either as a workshop attendee or to take the pathway to being a workshop leader, as it will at minimum, open their understanding of the vulnerabilities many of their fellow students of varying backgrounds that they may not have been aware of. ”


Dr. Danielle Soulliere, Associate Dean, Academic and Student Success, Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Dr. Danielle Soulliere

I support our campus Bystander Initiative efforts because sexual violence prevention training is an important part of building engaged, aware, and respectful student citizens.


Dr. Emmanuelle Richez (She/Her), Department of Political Science

Dr. Emmanuelle Richez (She/Her)

“Sexual violence is sadly deeply engrained in our culture. By giving the university community tools to fight sexual violence, the Bystander Initiative can help cultivate a culture change on campus and beyond. Integrating the Bystander Initiative in my curriculum is my way of contributing, in a small way, to making this world safer.”


Contact Us

Danielle Reaume (She/Her)

If you have any questions about our Faculty Partners or you are interested in becoming a Faculty Partner, please contact Danielle (She/Her): 


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