Employment in Bystander Initiative

TA Positions in Bystander Initiative

Download the Assistantship Application Form for Bystander Initiative Positions [Word .docx]

Online Assistantship Application Form for Bystander Initiative Positions


Please check back in June/July for the Fall 2024 TA postings.


GA/TA Professional Development and Training Opportunities:

The Faculty of Graduate Studies annual orientation workshop for new Graduate and Teaching Assistants (GAs and TAs) from all faculties and departments will be held TBA (in-person and remote).  The session is specifically geared toward new GAs and TAs; it will be streamed and recorded for viewing on the event webpage

The GATA Network will be hosting GATAcademy, a 5-day professional development virtual event with interactive workshops for both new and experienced GAs and TAs.  The schedule and registration information for the GATAcademy workshops is forthcoming and will be posted on the GATA Network webpage at: www.uwindsor.ca/ctl/388/gata or www.uwindsor.ca/ctl/533/gatacademy.

Workshop Facilitator & Background Facilitator Positions in Bystander Initiative

2024-2025 Workshop Facilitator Posting [pdf]

Online application for Workshop Facilitator positions

2024-2025 Background Facilitator Posting [pdf]

Online application for Background Facilitator Positions

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