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Computer Science at UWindsor

Software development, network and system analysis continue to be the top jobs with steady growth projected to grow through 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. 

The main reason for the rapid growth is a large increase in the demand for computer software. Canadian businesses need to fill tens of thousands of new, skilled IT positions every year.

The University of Windsor offers a variety of computer science programs to prepare students for a career in the technology industry or in research and academia. A computer science degree provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of computational thinking, logic, as well as exposure to the latest tools and technology. Computing drives innovation in the sciences where creative computer applications enable rewarding challenging possibilities that make a positive difference in the world. 

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Computer Science (Co-op)

The four-year degree program will provide you with in-depth, advanced theory and practice. Your fields of specialization can include:

a) Artificial Intelligence
b) Game Development 
c) Multimedia 
d) Networks and Security 

The three-year degree program that offers exposure to the core concepts of computer science.

Computer Science (Software Engineering) (Co-op)

A four-year BSc program that prepares you in specification design, coding and testing of software.

Computer Science (Computer Information Systems) (Co-op)

A four-year BSc program that focuses on the application of computers in industry and commerce.

Computer Science (Applied Computing) (Co-op)

A four-year BCS program that provides exposure to progressive, innovative tools and technology in computing, practical experience in developing software systems and the IT skills valued by industry.

Computer Science (Combined Honours Degree)

Offers the dual advantage of majoring in two areas, one of which is computer science, and provides a choice of many combined honours programs, all of which require pre-approval by both departments.

Career Paths 

  • Computer and network administration
  • Software engineering
  • Database administration
  • Systems analysis
  • Multimedia
  • Game development
  • Computer programming
  • Graduate studies
  • Web developer

Admission Requirements 

Minimum average of 70% plus 70% second Math average (75% + 70% for co-op). The OSS Diploma and six Grade 12 U or M courses, including ENG4U and MHF4U, are required. MCV4U is strongly recommended. 



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