Research Participation Opportunities

Poster to call all 2SLGBTQ}+ students to study

Researchers at the University of Windsor (Dr. Michael Godfrey and Dr. Tricia Carmichael) are examining the campus climate for 2SLGBTQ+ students in STEM programs. We are recruiting 2SLGBTQ+ undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in STEM programs within Canada to participate in a one-time survey about their perceptions of their program/department and their future education plans.  

If you are 2SLGBTQ+ undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a STEM program at a Canadian university/college, please consider volunteering to participate in this study. Individuals who complete the survey will be compensated with a $5 gift card. Participation is completely voluntary, and your responses to the survey will be anonymous and confidential. If you are interested in participating in this study, please visit:

For questions concerning this study, please contact Dr. Michael Godfrey at This study has been cleared by the University of Windsor and [other university] Research Ethics Boards.