Dr. Jianguo Lu

(519) 253-3000 Ext:3786
Room 5112 Lambton Tower


  • Ph.D. Computer Science from Nanjing University

Research Interests:

  • Deep web
  • Deep learning
  • Sampling-based algorithms
  • Online social networks
  • Text and graph mining algorithms

dr. lu


  • Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Tokyo
  • Visiting Scholar, University of Toronto

Selected Publications:

  • Roohollah Etemadi, Jianguo Lu, Bias Correction in Clustering Coefficient Estimation, IEEE International Conference on Big Data IEEE BigData, December 2017. Boston. 
  • Jianguo Lu, Hao Wang, Uniform Random Sampling Not Recommended For Large Graph Size Estimation , Informtion Sciences, Vol 421, 1. 2017. pp 136-153. Elsevier. 
  • Roohollah Etemadi, Jianguo Lu and Yung H. Tsin, Efficient Estimation of Triangles in Very Large Graphs, CIKM 2016.
  • Jianguo Lu, Hao Wang, Variance Reduction In Large Graph Sampling, Information Processing & Management, Elsevier, 50(3):476-491. 2014. 
  • Yan Wang, Jie Liang, Jianguo Lu, Discover Hidden Web Properties By Random Walk on Bipartite Graph, Information Retrieval, Springer. 17(3):203-228. 2014. 
  • Jianguo Lu, Dingding Li, Bias Correction in Small Sample from Big Data, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Nov. 2013 (vol. 25 no. 11).