Dr. Boubakeur Boufama

519-253-3000 ext. 3776
Office: L.T. 8113


  • M.Sc., Computer Science, University of Nancy I (1991)
  • PhD., Computer Science, Grenoble Institute of Technology (1994)

Research Interests:

  • Computer Vision
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Three-Dimensional Computer Vision
  • Pattern Recognition

Selected Publications:

  • S. Soltanpour, B. Boufama and J. Wu, A Survey of Local Feature Methods for 3D Face Recognition, Pattern Recognition, 72, 391-406, 2017, December.
  • B. Boufama, P. Habashi and I. Ahmad, Trajectory-Based Human Activity Recognition from Videos, 2017, May, IEEE, The 3rd International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Signal and Image Processing (ATSIP'2017).
  • S. Memar, Ksantini and B. Boufama, Feature-based Active Contour Model and Occluding Object Detection, Journal of the Optical Society of America A, 33(4), 648-662, 2016, April.
  • P. Habashi, B. Boufama and I. Ahmad, The Bag of Micro-Movements for Human Activity Recognition, 269-276, 2015, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, July, Springer, International Conference on Image Analysis and Recognition.
  • B. Boufama; T. Elamsy; A. Habed, Three dimensional metric reconstruction using uncalibrated zooming >> images: a practical solution, 3026 - 3031, 2015, June, The 10th ASIAN CONTROL CONFERENCE 2015 (ASCC 2015).
  • T. Elamsy, A. Habed and B. Boufama, Self-Calibration of Stationary Non-Rotating Zooming Cameras, Image and Vision Computing, 32(3), 212-226, 2014, March.
  • M. Barnachon, S. Bouakaz, B. Boufama and E. Guillou, Ongoing Human Action Recognition with Motion Capture, Pattern Recognition, 47(1), 238-247, 2014, January.
  • M. Barnachon, S. Bouakaz, B. Boufama and E. Guillou, A real-time system for motion retrieval and interpretation, Pattern Recognition Letter, 34(15), 1789-1798, 2013, November.
  • N. Diaf, B. Boufama and R. Benlamri, Non-parametric Fisher's discriminant analysis with kernels for data classification, Pattern Recognition Letter, 34(5), 552-558, 2013, April.
  • B. Boufama and S. Bouakaz, The use of constraints for calibration-free 3D metric reconstruction: from theory to applications, Emerging Topics in Computer Vision and Its Applications, 337-356, 1, Word Scientific, 2012, Editor(s) - C. H. Chen, Computer Vision, January.
  • R. Ksantini, B. Boufama and S. Memar, A New Efficient Active Contour Model Without Local Initializations for Salient Object Detection, Eurasip Journal on Image and Video Processing, 2013(40), 2012, July.
  • R. Ksantini and B. Boufama, Combining Partially Global and Local Characteristics for Improved Classification, International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics, 3(2), 119-131, 2012, July.


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