MSc Thesis Proposal Announcement by Yalda Yazdanpanah:"Building teams of experts based on project completion time and skill levels"

Friday, June 3, 2022 - 13:00 to 14:30


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MSc Thesis Proposal by: Yalda Yazdanpanah 

Date: Friday June 03, 2022 
Time:  1:00 pm – 2:30 pm 
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With many companies quickly expanding their sizes, building the best team of experts from the applicants has evolved into an interesting subject for computer-aided decision-making tasks. In this regard, the Team Formation Problem (TFP) has been well-studied in Artificial Intelligence and operations research literature in recent years. We consider a Team Formation Problem of assigning qualified experts to a given set of positions in a given set of projects where each position is to be filled with an expert with a required skill. In our setting, an expert can be quantitatively characterized by one level per skill, and each expert has a limited capacity of the workload at any moment of the time. Under the condition that all projects need to be completed before they are due, the ultimate goal is to maximize the gain from all the projects in terms of the overall skill levels of each position. The problem will be formulated in Integer Linear Programming (ILP) model. A heuristic approach will be explored, the solutions obtained from which will be compared to those optimal ones obtained from an existing ILP solver. 
Keywords: Integer linear programming, Team formation problem, Heuristics 

MSc Thesis Committee:  

Internal Reader: Dr. Yung (Peter) H. Tsin               
External Reader: Dr. Mohammed Fazle Baki         
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Chen 

MSc Thesis Proposal Announcement 


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