2023 ICPC East Central North America RETURNS

The 2023 ICPC East Central North American (ECNA) regional programming contest was held over the weekend of October 28-29. This is a computer programming contest bringing together the elite from across universities and colleges throughout the region which includes: western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, eastern Ontario, and Indiana (excluding the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area). Windsor was the only host in Ontario welcoming 24 teams from 7 different universities: Brock, McMaster, Toronto Metropolitan, Toronto, Toronto at Scarborough, Waterloo, Windsor and York.

As this is a distributed contest happening simultaneously across 4 institutes, 88 teams competed in total attempting to solve 10 problems in 5 hours in any programming language from Java, C, C++ or Python.

Shout out to the University of Waterloo who placed three of the top five ECNA regional winners, solving 10/12 and 9/12 problems, defeating teams from Pennsylvania State, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Toronto.  

The School of Computer Science at the University of Windsor has been hosting this annual competition since 2010 under the leadership of Dr. Ziad Kobti as Site Director, this year joined by Dr. Ahmad Biniaz, and the tremendous efforts of our expert technical and admin support staff, as well as the enthusiastic student volunteers.  The facilities, equipment and laboratory spaces of the School are state of the art to handle hosting of all the teams, the School's technical and administrative staff are exceptional in student service, and the students in our CS programs are presented with unique opportunity to participate as volunteers or as contestants.

Congratulations to our Windsor teams for coming out and participating – placing 55, 59, 64 and 74/88.  We look forward to seeing team members participate again next year and rise in the ranking.  This emphasizes the importance of this contest among other qualities of our Windsor Bachelor of Computer Science Honours program which possesses all the necessary components to provide opportunities for our students to rise to the top in their field.

Click here for standings and problems.