Technical Workshop Series - Vital Blood Bank Platform by Yeshwanth Sri Sai Dunaka

Thursday, April 11, 2024 - 15:00

Technical Workshop Series

The School of Computer Science Presents…

Vital Blood Bank Platform


Presenter:  Yeshwanth Sri Sai Dunaka

Date: Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Time:  3:00 PM

Location: 4th Floor (Workshop space) at 300 Ouellette Avenue (School of Computer Science Advanced Computing Hub)

The "Vital Blood Bank Platform" is a Java-based desktop application developed using Eclipse IDE and MySQL database. It serves as a management system for blood donors and recipients, providing functionalities such as adding donors and recipients, viewing donor and recipient lists, searching for specific donors or recipients, and checking blood type compatibility.
The application utilizes the Java Swing framework for the user interface, allowing for a responsive and interactive user experience. It establishes a connection to a MySQL database using JDBC, enabling the storage and retrieval of donor and recipient information.
Key features of the application include:
User authentication - Users can log in securely using a username and password.
Add Donor/Recipient - Users can add new donors and recipients to the system by providing relevant information such as name, contact details, blood type, and availability.
View Donors/Recipients - Users can view the list of donors or recipients stored in the database, displaying details such as name, contact information, and blood type.
Search functionality - Users can search for specific donors or recipients based on their names or blood types, facilitating easy access to relevant information.
Workshop Outline:
Building a Blood Bank Management System using Java Swing and MySQL
Basic Java Programming Knowledge, SQL and Relational Databases, Eclipse IDE, Basic GUI Development Understanding, MySQL Database Server Access
Yeshwanth is currently pursing his Master of Applied Computing degree. Yeshwanth has 2.5 years of work experience as Software Engineer in Tata Consultancy.


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