Dr. Ikjot Saini

Assistant Professor
519-253-3000 ext. 3738
Office: 8107 LT


  • Ph.D (2020, University of Windsor, Canada)
  • MofT (in CS & Engg) (2015, Punjab, India)
  • BofT (in CS & Engg) (2013, Rajasthan, India)

Research Interests: 

  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Vehicular Networks (V2V, V2I, V2X)
  • Cybersecurity and Privacy
  • Network Simulation
  • Blockchain and Edge Computing

Professional Affiliations:

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)
  • SHIELD Automotive Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence (Co-Director)
  • Academic Director, Automotive Security Research Group
  • Academic Chair, Women in Cybersecurity Ontario Affiliate Cybersecurity Committee Member
  • Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association.

Selected Publication:

Ikjot Saini, Sherif Saad, and Arunita Jaekel, “A Context Aware and Traffic Adaptive Privacy Scheme in VANETs,” 2020 IEEE 3rd Connected and Automated Vehicles Symposium (CAVS), Victoria, BC, Canada, 2020, pp. 1-5.

Ikjot Saini, Benjamin St. Amour, and Arunita Jaekel, “Intelligent Adversary Placements for Privacy Evaluation in VANET,” Information, 11(9), p.443., 2020

Sonia Alice George, Arunita Jaekel, Ikjot Saini, ”Secure Identity Management Framework for Vehicular Ad-hoc Network using Blockchain”, IEEE ISCC 2020.

Ikjot Saini, Sherif Saad, and Arunita Jaekel, “Evaluating the effectiveness of pseudonym changing strategies for location privacy in VANET”, Wiley Journal of Security & Privacy, 2019.

Ikjot Saini, Sherif Saad, and Arunita Jaekel, “Identifying vulnerabilities and attacking capabilities against pseudonym changing schemes in VANET,” in ISDDC 2018: International Conference on Intelligent, Secure and Dependable Systems in Distributed and Cloud Environments, Springer, 2018.

Ikjot Saini, Sherif Saad, and Arunita Jaekel, “Attacker placement for detecting vulnerabilities of pseudonym change strategies in VANET,” in 1st International Workshop on Dependable Wireless Communications (DEWCOM), IEEE, 2018.

Ikjot Saini, Sherif Saad, and Arunita Jaekel, “Speed Based Attacker Placement for Evaluating Location Privacy in VANET.” International Conference on Ad Hoc Networks. Springer, Cham, 2018, pp. 215-224.

Whitepaper: V2X, Cyberkit 2.0, Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, Canada, 2021

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