Current Events

M.Sc. Defence, Emma Blanchette (Tuesday, December 13th 2022, 10:00AM - Essex Hall Room 287)

Emma Blanchette will defend her M.Sc. Thesis "Detection and Diagnosis of Bacterial Pathogens in Blood and Urine Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy" supervised by Dr. Steven Rehse.

Defense Announcement (PDF)


M.Sc. Defence, Dmitrios Shinas (Friday Sept. 16th 2022, 1:30PM - Essex 287)

Dmitrios Shinas will defend his M.Sc. Thesis "Optimization of an Ultrasonic Non-destructive Evaluation Technique of Laser Brazing" supervised by Dr. Roman Maev on Friday September 16th at 1:30PM in Essex 287.

Defence Announcement (PDF)

Physics Professor Recognized for Teaching Excellence

The University of Windsor Alumni Association bestowed its Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching on physics professor Steven Rehse during Spring Convocation ceremonies on June 16, 2022.

The award honours faculty members — nominated by colleagues, alumni, and students — as incentive and encouragement for achieving excellence in teaching and learning at the University of Windsor.  A full description can be found at the UWindsor Daily News here.


Two Physics Students Place in Recent CAP Student Presentation Competition

We are pleased to announce that the UWindsor Physics Department provided two winners in the student presentation competition at the recent 2022 Canadian Association of Physicists Annual Congress (hosted at McMaster University).  There were approximately 200 student competitors, according to the conference organizers.

award winners

4th Year undergraduate Griffin Howson (Combined Honours Physics and Mathematics) placed 3rd in the Division of Condensed Matter and Materials Physics oral presentation category for his talk, "Electrical Control of Magnetism in Kitaev Materials."  It is worth nothing that Griffin beat out many graduate students in this competition.  Griffin is supervised by Dr. Jeffrey Rau.  M.Sc. student Emma Blanchette placed 2nd in the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Canada oral presentation category for her talk, "Rapid Detection of Bacterial Pathogens in Water and Clinical Specimens Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy."  Emma is supervised by Dr. Steven Rehse.  Shown are Griffin and Emma with the other recognized winners at the Congress.  Congratulations to Griffin and Emma!


Physics Graduate Heading to Oxford for PhD Studies.

Congratulations to Renee Goodman.  Renee is graduating with a Bachelor of Science [Honours] Biological Sciences and Physics and she had a GREAT shout out in the UWindsor Daily News on April 19th!

Renee was a Combined Honours Bio/Physics major and did her research in the Chemistry laboratory of Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagne.  Based on her work, she received the 2020 Faculty of Science “Going Above and Beyond in Research” award for undergraduate researchers.

Renee also participated in the prestigious Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Undergraduate Summer School.  The Perimeter Institute (called just “PI” usually) in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada is one of a very few elite theoretical physics institutes in the world and is a pure research center that physicists of all levels desire to be a part of – at any stage of their career.  Renee’s experience at PI convinced her that pursuing a career in theoretical condensed matter physics was the right choice for her. 

Lastly, she was also on the varsity basketball team during her years as a scholar/student-researcher.   Renee is now off to jolly old England to pursue her PhD in Physics at Oxford.

Way to go, Renee!  Congratulations!  The Department of Physics is very proud of you and we wish you all the greatest successes.

Professor Gordon Drake and PhD Candidate Aaron Bondy Publish in Science.

The Department of Physics wishes to congratulate Professor Gordon Drake and his PhD student Aaron Bondy who appeared in the Windsor Star paper recently (04/13/22) for their work as part of a team resolving small discrepancies in the theory of quantum electrodynamics (QED) through their high precision calculations.  Through these calculations and experiments they are able to test the fundamental laws of the universe with incredibly high precision in their search for new physics that would reveal new truths about the way the universe works.  

A link to the Windsor Star article is here:

Although it was not mentioned in the newspaper (because the average reader would not understand the significance of it), the reason this story was brought to light was because Dr. Drake, Aaron, and their collaborators just published their results in the prestigious journal "Science" which is a big deal for anyone in any physics department in the world.  Dr. Drake, Bondy, and their co-authors at the Australian National University (ANU) published the article in Science on April 8.  

You can see a prepublication version of the paper at   A PDF of that arXiv is attached here.  

The citation for the Science article is:  SCIENCE • 7 Apr 2022 • Vol 376, Issue 6589 • pp. 199-203 • DOI: 10.1126/science.abk2502

Congratulations to our newest Ph.D. recipient, Dr. Eva Schulhoff.

A HUGE congratulations goes out to Dr. Eva Schulhoff who successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, “Calculated Charge State Distributions and Anisotropies Following the Beta Decay of 6He,” on January 18th, 2022. 

Eva was supervised by Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Dr. Gordon Drake and her committee was comprised of Dr. Dan Xiao, Dr. Jeffrey Rau, Dr. Drew Marquardt, and Dr. P. Mueller from Argonne National Laboratory served as the External Examiner. 

Congratulations Eva on all your years of hard work.  The Department of Physics is very proud of you.



Congratulations to our newest M.Sc. recipient, Ms. Layale Bazzi.

A big congratulations goes out to Ms. Layale Bazzi, who successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis, “Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Methodology Development,” on January 14th, 2022.  

Layale is supervised by Assistant Professor Dan Xiao and her committee was comprised of Dr. Steven Rehse (Physics) and Dr. Drew Marquardt (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Great job, Layale, and congratulations.


Congratulations to our newest M.Sc. recipient, Ms. Dilrukshi Jayalath Arachchige.

A big congratulations goes out to Ms. Dilrukshi Jayalath Arachchige who successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis, “Simple Measurement of Field Reconstruction,” on December 16, 2021.  

Dilrukshi is supervised by Assistant Professor TJ Hammond and her committee was comprised of Dr. Dan Xiao (Physics) and Dr. Holger Eichorn (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Great job, Dilrukshi, and congratulations.



Congratulations to our newest M.Sc. recipient, Mr. Jake Stephen.

A big congratulations goes out to Mr. Jake Stephen who successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis, “Femtosecond Pulse Compression Via Self-Phase Modulation in 1-Decanol,” on December 3, 2021.  

Jake is supervised by Assistant Professor TJ Hammond and his committee was comprised of Dr. Steven Rehse (Physics) and Dr. Nick Vukotic (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Great job, Jake, and congratulations.


2nd Year Physics Student Grace Johnson Awarded the 2021 Baylis Physics Research Internship.

The Department of Physics is pleased to announce that the 2021 Baylis Physics Research Internship will be awarded to Grace Johnson (2nd year, BSC Honours Physics (Co-op).

This Internship annually awards $1000 to a second-year student enrolled in Physics or Medical Physics to support their work on a research project with a faculty member in the Department of Physics.  The goal of the Internship is to expose the student to the process of performing academic physics research and to more broadly introduce the student to the activities of the Department of Physics and the people in it. 

Grace currently possesses a 97.167 GPA and as a high-school student worked in the Chemistry lab of Dr. Simon Rondeau-Gagne as a co-op student.  Grace’s research supervisor is Dr. Steven Rehse and she intends to investigate the use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy on both Mars rovers: Curiosity (the ChemCam instrument package) and Perseverance (the SuperCam instrument package).  According to Grace, “Astrophysics and spectroscopy are two subjects that I am extremely interested in and that I would like to pursue a career in. Being able to gain research experience in this area of physics so early in my career would be extremely beneficial for my future, and I would enjoy it very much. I love learning about different theories and am excited to see how they are tested and used in a real-life laboratory setting.”

This internship has been established by Professor William Baylis and his wife, Mrs. Bobbye Baylis to recognize deserving first year undergraduate students in any Physics program who demonstrate exceptional potential and to invest in that potential by engaging them in advanced research opportunities with a faculty mentor.  A full descriptions of Grace's award can be found at the UWindsor Daily News here.


Physics student Emma Blanchette selected for Best Student Paper Award at international conference.

Emma BlanchetteUWindsor physics MSc student Emma Blanchette (BSc Honours Physics, 2021) recently won the Best Student Paper Award at the 48th IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science.  This conference was held virtually September 12 to 16, 2021.

Emma’s talk entitled, “The use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for bacterial detection, quantification, and identification,” was chosen from amongst all student submissions to compete in a special live virtual student competition session with 11 other students from all over the world.  Her paper and presentation were selected to be one of two winners out of this group of finalists, earning her the award, which comes with a certificate and a $500 USD cash prize.  She was also recognized publically at a special award presentation ceremony on Wednesday, September 15th. 

Emma describes her work this way: “I am investigating a laser-based technique to detect and diagnose bacterial infections, potentially in minutes.  Because this technique is so fast, it has a lot of potential for improving patient outcomes, reducing death rates, and stopping the antibiotic resistance crisis.  Our advancements in this field could make laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy a very important medical diagnostic tool in the future.”

Blanchette, who also recently took second place in the Best Student Poster Presentation competition at the Canadian Association of Physicists annual congress, works in the lab of Steve Rehse, and is a former recipient of the 2020 Lucjan Krause Scholarship in the Department of Physics.  A full description can be found here.  A video of Emma presenting her talk is provided here.  A link to a PDF copy of the presentation slides is provided here.

Congratulations to our newest M.Sc. recipient, Mr. Cody McLeod.

Cody McLeodA big congratulations goes out to Mr. Cody McLeod who successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis, “Variational Energies for the Rydberg P States of Helium,” on August 26, 2021. 

Cody is supervised by University Professor Emeritus Gordon Drake and his committee was comprised of Dr. Jeffrey Rau (Physics) and Dr. James Gauld (Chemistry and Biochemistry).

Great job, Cody, and congratulations.