Two exchange students in Frankfurt

Reference Forms

Three reference letters must also be provided to be eligible for exchange. Your references must fill out the Exchange Reference form - see below for PDF and Word versions of the form.

  • At least one of these references must be from a UWindsor faculty member who has taught you in a class.
  • References from employers, coaches, supervisors, or volunteer supervisors are also useful
    - references from family members, personal friends or fellow students are not normally considered.
  • References must answer all questions on the forms provided (see bottom of page). Reference letters that do not address the specific questions will not be accepted.
  • References can be sent at any point in time - you are not required to make your application first, but all reference forms need to be received before the specified application deadline.
  • Exchange Reference Forms are sent directly to the Exchange Office by mail, fax or email to 

    • Reference Forms should not be returned to the applicant.

    • It would be a very good idea for you to encourage everyone completing a reference for you to send it to the Exchange Office electronically via email or fax. If reference forms are sent by mail (even inter-campus mail) there is a good chance they will arrive late and therefore negatively affect your application and chances. 

Give the people providing you with a reference plenty of time to think and respond. Last-minute requests are inconsiderate and may make your application late.

Quick Link

Download a PDF of the Exchange Reference Form.

Download a Word docx of the Exchange Reference Form.