Cumulative Average Requirements

In Good Academic Standing
Greater than or equal to 60%

On Academic Probation
55% to 59.9% 

Required to Withdraw from the program
Less than 55% 

For first-year students only: an appropriate Academic Standing Committee will review the student’s academic record to determine whether to allow the student to continue on academic probation or whether to require the student to withdraw if: 
  • The Academic Standing Committee within each Faculty reviews the academic record of each student and makes academic decisions as appropriate in light of the cumulative and major averages achieved. In engineering, this evaluation occurs at the conclusion of the winter term and summer term. This evaluation may occur at the conclusion of any term, depending upon the structure of the program.
  • A student will automatically be placed on probation if he/she has not met the minimum cumulative and major average requirements at the end of any term in which his/her record is not being formally reviewed. A student will automatically be placed on probation if he/she fails the same course twice. If a student is placed on Academic Probation, it is very important for them to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in their area of study to have them review and recommend ways for them to return to good standing.
  • A student’s record will be referred to an appropriate Academic Standing Committee within the Faculty for decision if he/she has not met the minimum cumulative or major average, according to the table above at the end of the term when the record is being reviewed.
  • Notification of the requirement to withdraw is included on the transcript. Students who have been required to withdraw may appeal. The Student will receive an email from the Associate Dean Academics Office stating that the student has the right to appeal.  The engineering appeal form must be submitted along with any supporting documentation (i.e. medical, death certificates, letter from a counsellor, travel documents) within the time frame set by the Assistant Deans Office.  Appeals are considered by the Academic Appeals Committee; only circumstances of an extraordinary nature will result in rescinding the requirement to withdraw. Students should contact or make an appointment to speak with the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs after receiving the RTW (required to withdraw) email and to receive further information and procedures concerning the appeals process. 

All students who are Required to Withdraw (RTW) have the right to appeal. You also have the right to see all work completed for a course, including the final exam, and have the right to continue with your coursework while an appeal is in progress. No student in their first semester at UWindsor will be RTW in December or in April for a Winter Start Student. Students with a GPA less than 60% will continue in their program for the subsequent second semester of first year on Academic Probation (AP).

If you receive an email from the Associate or Assistant Deans Office regarding your RTW status and appealing that RTW, you must respond and take the appropriate action of appealing.  Ignoring the email and failure to appeal will seriously jeopardize your continuation in the engineering program. 




First-Year Handbook 


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