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COVID Safe Windsor

COVID Safe Steps

UWindsor's International Student Readiness Plan

Pre-Departure Understand your obligations under the Quarantine Act. Review the Government of Canada Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel restrictions, exemptions, and advice 

Step 1: Book Accommodation

Accomodation Options 

  • University of Windsor Residence 

  • Identified hotels in Toronto or Windsor 

  • Off Campus 

Note: you must make sure you are able to properly quarantine without exposing others (roommates, friends, family, etc.). Otherwise everyone else in the house will also have to quarantine for the same 14-day period. Check with your landlord or AirBnB host in advance to see what options might be available to quarantine in your rental apartment, home, or room. 

Step 2: Download ArriveCan & COVID Alert Apps 

A requirement prior to arrival is to submit your:

  • travel and contact information

  • quarantine plan

  • COVID-19 symptom assessment 

Step 3: Download and complete Travel and Quarantine Plan 

The Travel and Quarantine Plan is required and must be presented upon arrival. Three sections need to be completed:  

  • Attestation  

  • Travel from the airport  

  • 14-day quarantine plan 

Present your completed plan to Canada Border Services upon arrival to Canada. Download the Travel and Quarantine Plan 

Step 4: Complete the online UWindsor Pre-arrival Form 

At this time, parents, siblings, and other family members will not be permitted to enter Canada with you, so do not make plans for them to travel with you to Canada.  (Exception: if you are travelling with your spouse and/or your children, and only if these individuals are staying with you in Canada for an extended period). 

Students are responsible for paying all costs associated with your quarantine.   

Step 5: Travel to Canada

During your travels: 

  • Be sure to practice good hygiene. 

  • Wear a mask and ensure your nose and mouth are covered. 

  • Wash your hands frequently and properly 

  • Avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, and mouth). 

  • Bring extra masks with you 

  • As much as possible, try to maintain a distance of at least 2 meters between you and others. 

At the Airport (Toronto) 

  • Book travel directly to Windsor (YQG)  

  • Bring a printed copy of your completed Travel and Quarantine Plan  

  • Bring a printed copy of your letter of admission (or enrolment verification letter) 

  • Make sure that all your information has been entered into the ArriveCAN app on your phone 

  • Proceed to the Canadian Border Services processing area 

  • Get your passport stamped and receive your study permit document 

  • Retrieve your luggage 

  • Wait in the assigned area for your next flight OR exit the airport and travel to your quarantine location 

  • Travel directly to your quarantine location without any stops along the way 

Step 6: Quarantine 

Step 7: Take a Walk Around Campus 

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