student engaging in online learning with picture of real past students on computer screen

Learning Online

We know you may need to join ELIP through online learning. We are committed to providing you with an outstanding online learning experience.

ELIP online is:  

One-on-one meetings; discussion groups; presentations.

WATCH: Instructor Dave Owen explains how ELIP is interactive

Daily and academic interests are incorporated to build upon prior knowledge.

WATCH: Instructor Dave Owen explains how ELIP is engaging

Live and recorded class formats with continual feedback and guidance.

WATCH: Instructor Louise Pillon explains how ELIP is flexible

Expand English language skills for academic studies

WATCH: Instructor Izabella Kojic-Sabo explains how ELIP is informative

Work with instructors and peers from any location

WATCH: Instructor Wendy Sager explains how ELIP is collaborative.