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Learning Options

Whether you are learning online, or in class, we are committed to providing you with an outstanding learning experience.

ELIP is:  

One-on-one meetings; discussion groups; presentations.

WATCH: Instructor Dave Owen explains how ELIP is interactive

Daily and academic interests are incorporated to build upon prior knowledge.

WATCH: Instructor Dave Owen explains how ELIP is engaging

Live and recorded class formats with continual feedback and guidance.

WATCH: Instructor Louise Pillon explains how ELIP is flexible

Expand English language skills for academic studies

WATCH: Instructor Izabella Kojic-Sabo explains how ELIP is informative

Work with instructors and peers from any location

WATCH: Instructor Wendy Sager explains how ELIP is collaborative.

In-Class Learning

No, you are not required but encouraged to join in-class learning. It's a great opportunity to learn face-to-face with instructors and peers.
  • Face-to-face communication with instructors and peers
  • Distraction-free learning environment and a sense of routine
  • In-person access to services and facilities on campus
  • Exploring the campus community and local culture
  • English-speaking environment beyond classroom

Online Learning

ELIP is offered through Brightspace.

Once ELIP fees have been paid, you will receive instructions for activating the necessary accounts that will allow you access to Brightspace.

The University of Windsor offers the VPN called Global Protect and it is available to students. The link below will guide you to installing the tool. Using this will allow your computer to act as though it is physically on campus. We recommend all ELIP students do this.


You do not need a Study Permit to take ELIP online class from outside of Canada.

A valid Study Permit is required for international students taking ELIP online class in Canada.

To prepare your trip to Canada, please visit International Arrivals New & Returning

International Student Centre is offering the Soft Landing Program to help incoming International Students prepare for their move to Canada, get settled in Windsor and begin their new life at the University of Windsor. For more information and details please visit:

Yes, you need a valid Study Permit to take ELIP online class in Canada.

  • Comfort of learning from home
  • Improving virtual communication and collaboration
  • Reduced costs for travel and accommodation
  • Developing technical and time management skill
  • Save on commuting time