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Guest Lecture Series for ELIP 3

The English Language Improvement Program (ELIP) is committed to equipping learners with necessary skills to fulfil their potential in academic study.

The Academic Data Centre Guest Lecture Series will deliver lessons in data literacy, analysis, and management.

This lecture series is reserved for ELIP level 3 students.

Secondary Data Discovery & Statistical Literacy

This lecture will focus on how to find numeric data sources from major government agencies, including Statistics Canada as well as other open data portals. An emphasis will be placed on how to critically find and evaluate data sources.

Statistical Analysis

This lecture will discuss about the importance of statistics in real life and illustrate the powerful features Excel has to offer to statistical analysis.

Research Data Management

This lecture will step through the research data life cycle and provide tips on how to effectively manage research data. Key stages to be addressed include: data collection, data processing, data analysis as well as data sharing and re-use.

About the Academic Data Centre

This session introduces the services offered by Leddy Library, sections of the library as well as ways in which librarian can be of assistance.

It also offers an overview of the types of resources available and how they can be efficiently located both in the library and online.

Students will learn the importance and methods of evaluating source information, as well as differentiating between scholarly and non-scholarly resources. 

They will be guided in developing an effective research strategy using a variety of tools and observing copyright guidelines.