World Student Day 2017

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Celebrating Me - An International Student Journey

postcard with images and text stating "Home is not a place, it is a feeling"

postcard with images of Windsor

postcard showing images of students and fireworks with text "International Students Day"

postcard with images of students and Canada with text stating "I love Canada"

postcard showing images of student in Canada

postcard showing images of student in Canada

Students reflected upon their journey as an international student and designed creative postcards reflecting their experiences.



Trivia Tower Race

In honour of Canada's 150th birthday, students took part in Canadian trivia. Students also collaborated with classmates to build the tallest tower out of materials earned from answering triva questions.

students constructing tower  students participating in trivia tower race

students participating in trivia tower race  students constructing tower

students having ice cream  students having ice cream

students posing alongside a tower they constructed  students posing on World Student Day 2017

students posing on World Student Day 2017  students constructing tower