About ELIP

ELIP focuses on developing English language and academic skills to meet the University of Windsor English proficiency requirements.

Upon completing ELIP level 3, you will have developed English language skills to:

  • Understand and analyze a variety of texts
  • Evaluate significant issues to persuasively write on academic topics
  • Understand extended spoken information and critically evaluate points to use in argumentation
  • Convey precise meaning in oral and written communication
  • Strategically use a range of academic skills

ELIP is offered throughout an academic year. There are 3 intakes: Winter (January – April), Intersession (May – August) and Fall (September – December).

Each ELIP term is 12 weeks. In-class instruction is 4 hours per day; totalling, 20 hours per week.

The length of time to complete ELIP depends on the ELIP level at which you start.


If you have an overall IELTS and writing band score of - 5.0 5.0 5.5 6.0 + Begin your academic program
You will begin in level Pre-Academic English → ELIP 1 → ELIP 2 → ELIP 3 →
# of Elip terms you will need to complete before academic start Five / Four Three Two One

Both options are available to all students in and outside of Canada. ELIP online is a good option if students are unable to travel to Canada for the registered term. Students residing in Canada can choose between ELIP online and in-class options.