Graduate Funding

$7,500 for one year (non-renewable)

Entrance scholarships (for both domestic and international students): At the time of admission, all full-time applicants to research-based programs with high academic averages (80% GPA or equivalent) will be considered for scholarships upon the recommendation of their program.

No separate application is required.

To be eligible for an entrance scholarship for the Fall your complete application must have been received by the university by May 1.  (For January start application must be received by September 1)

Information about other funding available to University of Windsor graduate students, including OSAP, is available on the Graduate Studies website. The scholarships below apply to History students only.

Approx. $2,000

These will be awarded to students with an overall average of 80% in their last 20 undergraduate courses. This award will be given to the student in his or her third (summer) semester, and is contingent on the student maintaining an overall GPA of 80% in their graduate courses.

Students not maintaining an A- average will have their scholarships revert to a Research Assistantship (same monetary value as scholarship). No separate application is required.

Full-time doctoral and Master's students in eligible programs may be offered a Graduate Assistantship (GA) for up to 140 hours per term. Under the current GA/TA collective agreement, a Master’s students who is offered a GA position will receive GA support for a total of three terms, and a doctoral student - for seven terms. One additional GA term may be provided depending on availability. The value of a full 140-hour Master's GA is $5,356.40 per term and a doctoral GA - $5,969.60 per term (rates as of Sept. 2018).

M II – $38.26 per hour
PhD – $42.64 per hour

All rates include 4% vacation pay.

Approx. $5,000

This will be awarded to a top applicant in any area of study, with a strong overall application (outstanding GPA and reference letters, writing sample and Statement of Purpose). Applicants wishing to be considered for this award must indicate this in the Statement of Purpose.

Deadline: March 1st

Approx. $3000

This scholarship will be for a candidate planning to pursue a major paper project in any area of gender history. This could include women’s history, history of masculinity, gender and society, gender and the state.

Approx. $3,000

This scholarship will be for a candidate proposing to write a Major Paper in the area of Atlantic World history, involving regions bordering the Atlantic Ocean (including North America, Latin America, Europe and Africa) and/or the history of interactions among them. Specific topics could include colonial North or South America, transatlantic migrations and diasporas, military history, social and economic history.

Approx. $3,000

This scholarship will be for a candidate proposing to write a Major Paper in the area of cultural history. This could include the history of the book and the written word, intellectual history, studies of relationships between social/economic and cultural change, film and history, and history of popular culture.

Approx. $3,000

This scholarship will be for a candidate proposing to write a Major Paper featuring a specific geographic, national or cultural region where skills in a language (other than English) would enhance the research.

Topics are open but they would have to be in an area/language that one of our Graduate Faculty members could supervise. For a description of faculty research interests, see the History Department website.

Various Faculty members use a number of different languages besides English in their own research, including Spanish, German, French, Polish, Arabic as well as several African languages.

Demonstration of second language abilities will be required such as proof of university courses taken, submitting a writing sample or demonstrating that the language is known to the applicant by birth.

Approx. $3000

This scholarship is targeted for applicants who are neither Canadian citizens nor Canadian residents.  It can be applied for any are of historical study in the M.A. program. 

Deadline: April 15

Up to $500/one time application

To provide History graduate students with funding for travel expenses related to research for the major paper or conferences where they are presenting material. Expenses could include travel to libraries or archives or travel related to an oral history project. This fund is for trips related to research and conferences only.

Learn more on the Research Travel Fund web page.