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Housing and Telephone

Housing Information

Important legal information about tenants and landlords:

Telephone and Cell Phone

For a Land Line

Use a public phone to begin making your arrangements. A local phone call from a pay phone cost 50 cents. You can also buy a phone card from any convenience store so that you never need coins for a call. There is a free phone at the ISC and one next to the information desk at the CAW Student Centre.

Get a phone as soon as possible for your new place to live. Here are some home phone providers in Canada:

Long Distance Calls

  • Within Canada or the USA dial: 1 + area code + phone number (this does not apply for people living in University Residences)
  • Overseas dial: automatic dial access code + country code + city code + phone number
  • If you are living in Residence you will need to dial “9” before making local (off-campus) or long distance phone calls.  Calls made to any other campus phone can be made by entering the 4-digit extension.

It is generally much less expensive to call overseas using a calling card that can be purchased from any number of local convenience stores. Ask around for the brand name of the card(s) that work the best for where you are calling.

You can dial 411 to reach Directory assistance to find someone’s local phone number. The cost of this service will be added to your account. You can look up phone numbers on the internet for free by going to (new phone number might take a few months to appear).

In the case of fire, medical emergency, or if you need to call the police, dial 911.

For emergencies on campus, you can reach Campus Police by calling extension 4444 (non-emergencies call ext. 1234)

Cellular Phones

Here are some of the Cellular phone providers in Canada:

Compare cell phone plans among different providers