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On Blackboard you will be able to keep up with announcements, events and important information plus have access to additional resources and information.

Follow the steps below to be added to the Blackboard site in order to share your information.

  • UWindsor Faculty or Staff - send your UWinID in an email to isc@uwindsor.ca
  • Community members - send an email to isc@uwindsor.ca with your name and email address, we will set you with a UWin Friend ID
  • Domestic Students - send your UWinID in an email to isc@uwindsor.ca
  • International students - all students are automatically added

Navigating around Blackboard

ISC Announcements

  • This page will include information coming directly from the staff of the International Students Centre.
  • Only the staff will have access to post announcements on this page

Community Announcements

  • This will be where members of the community, campus groups, and the university are able to post announcements

How to Post to Community Discussion on Blackboard

  • Select the "Community Announcements" tab on the left-hand menu bar
  • Select the forum that best applies to you and your announcement "Student Clubs and Organizations", "Community Events", or "University Events"
  • Near the top you will see a button "Create Thread", select that button
  • Now you can enter a subject line, body of your message, and have the option to attach a poster or document
  • Once you submit your announcement, you will have to wait for your announcement to be approved before it will appear for everyone to see
  • Please allow for a minimum of 24 hours (weekdays) for approval and longer on weekends or holidays.

We strongly recommend that everyone SUBSCRIBE to all three forums - this will allow you to receive email updates when announcements are posted. Each forum must be subscribed to individually.

How to Subscribe

  • Select the title of the forum: "Student Clubs and Organizations", "Community Events", "University Events"
  • Top left-hand side you will have the option to select Subscribe
  • Once subscribed you have the option to unsubscribe at any point

Subscription to the forum means that you will receive email notifications whenever something new is posted. The email will include the full body of the post, therefore, you have the option to read the post from your email or login to Blackboard to read it.

If you are not subscribed to the forum you will not be notified when something new is posted, however, you will be able to see everything on the Blackboard site. By checking the site regularly, you will be able to keep to date with all the announcements.