Sujith Xavier

Professor Sujith Xavier to explore racial bias in legal system

Sujith Xavier

In Canadian courts, who gets to decide if race-based biases are likely to impact a legal outcome? More importantly, when is it appropriate to raise allegations of bias?

Professor Sujith Xavier will analyze these questions in his latest research project: “Who Gets to Decide? A Detailed Survey of Canadian Jurisprudence on Recusal Motions on Bias, Race & Decision Makers.”

50 Years of Faculty Scholarship: Faculty of Law Book Launch and Scholarship Celebration

Windsor Law kicked off the 50th anniversary year in January with a book launch and scholarship celebration. The Honourable George R. Strathy, Chief Justice of Ontario, and University of Windsor President, Dr. Alan Wildeman joined us to congratulate our faculty and celebrated authors: Pascale Chapdelaine, Sujith Xavier, Brian Manarin, William Bogart, Julie MacFarlane and Richard Moon.

For 50 years, our faculty has helped change the world we live in through cutting-edge legal research. 

Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice on TWAIL

A special issue of the Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice (WYAJ) titled, Conspiring in Cairo & Canada: Placing TWAIL Scholarship and Praxis, has been published.

Guest edited by Sujith Xavier, Amar Bhatia, Usha Natarajan & John Reynolds, this is an important issue that examines many aspects of Third World Approaches to International Law. The issue also includes an article by Windsor Law professor, Sujith Xavier.