Parking Permits

Section 1.0

1.1 All faculty, staff, students, and visitors who wish to park a motor vehicle on a University of Windsor owned or leased parking space shall first obtain a permit therefore and pay the required fee as set out in the application for parking permit. The exceptions to this policy shall be in “Lot W" and “Vanier Circle” where metered parking only is permitted.

1.2 Application forms, which include the payroll deduction authorization, will be made available by the Office of Campus Parking Services. Faculty and Staff who wish to pay for their permit by payroll deduction and are authorized as such will choose and initial their payment option on the application form.  Parking permits are for a period of one year commencing July 1 and ending June 30th of each given year.   Deductions of payroll may be interrupted for periods of six months or more in duration under the following circumstances:  (LTD, Maternity Parental, Sabbatical, and Education Leave).   Extended vacations, short term medical and leaves of absence cannot be cancelled under the payroll deduction option for periods of less than 6 months. 

1.3 The Office of Campus Parking shall process the applications according to the procedure set out below and, provided that parking space is available, will issue the parking permit to the applicant.

1.4 Staff permits shall be for a designated lot only, except for faculty and staff members in the Faculty of Human Kinetics, School of Visual Arts, and those who have main campus permits that are using the Human Kinetics Facility as set out in Section 2.2. Student permits shall be valid only in pay & display lots.

1.5 All gate cards and passes shall remain the property of the University of Windsor and shall be for the express personal use only of authorized permit holders. Replacement of mislaid or damaged gate cards and/or permits may be obtained from the Office of Campus Parking Services upon due notification, payment of the appropriate fee listed below, and completion of the lost/stolen permit form.

1.6 All motorized vehicles parking in designated parking lots must have a valid authorized permit for that lot. It is unlawful for permit holders to park in a designated lot other than the lot for which they hold a permit or at a time for which they do not hold a permit other than those outlined in Section 2.2.

1.7 Types of Permits

  1. Persons with full-time permits are authorized to park on their designated lot(s) for the school year without time limit.
  2. Persons with permits for summer and intersession are authorized to park in their designated lot(s) from May 1 to June 30 and/or July 1 to August 31 respectively.
  3. Permits for sessional faculty authorize parking in designated lot(s) from Sept. 1 to May 1.
  4. Permits for pay & display lots authorize parking only for the date and time printed on the permit.
  5. Persons using the short-term metered lots are authorized to park only for the amount of time displayed on the meter.

Contact Campus Parking Services

If you have any parking related questions, please contact our office. We are located at:

Campus Parking Services
Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre, 1st Floor

(519) 253-3000 Ext. 2413

Office hours: Monday - Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm
(Closed for lunch between 12:00pm and 12:30pm)