Parking Allocation

Section 2.0

2.1 Designated Parking Lots - For the purpose of assigned parking, all parking lots of the University of Windsor are named. Subject to clause 2.2, permit holders will be assigned to a parking lot which shall be designated on the permit.

2.2 Off Campus Faculties and Schools - University of Windsor Faculty members from the School of Visual Arts and Faculty of Human Kinetics who are in possession of valid permits for "Lebel" and "St. Denis" lots, may use "Assumption Visitor Section"  on the basis of availability for business meetings and relating to matters of the University, or for use of the library. Any student, staff or faculty member that holds a valid UofW permit for main campus will be able to use any of the lots located at South Campus for the purpose of using the facilities at Human Kinetics.

2.3 Parking Assignments - Every effort will be made to assign parking spaces on parking lots in accordance with the stated preferences of the applicants within the limitations as set out in the regulations. Seniority lists for all lots are maintained and become a factor for consideration when permits are issued or changes are made. At the discretion of the Director of Campus Services and Parking Service's special circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

2.4 Preference - Persons who have had a valid parking permit for a particular lot in the year immediately preceding the year for which the application is made, shall be given preference in the allocation of permits in the said lot provided that space is available and the application is received before the deadline set out below.

2.5 Refunds - Up to the end of December of each year, and on the return of all permit cards and gate cards, a refund will be made, or cancellation of a payroll deduction will be accepted for the remaining full months of the parking year. No refunds of less than $10.00 will be made.

2.6 Accessible Parking - Special consideration for the allocation of parking will be given to those persons requesting parking spaces. Persons requesting accessible parking must be in possession of a valid accessible parking decal as issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

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