Parking & Traffic Regulations

Section 3.0

3.1 The University of Windsor reserves the right to maintain full jurisdiction over the use of its property for parking, to establish regulations to control parking as may be required from time to time and to enforce such regulations in any manner which it deems necessary.

3.2 All vehicle operators on campus property shall comply with the parking and traffic regulations of the University and are subject to the applicable charges for violations. The operator who registers the motor vehicle on their account through the payment of a fine or attaches it to their permit shall be responsible for all violations involving that vehicle, regardless of the actual driver of the vehicle.

3.3 The person who registered a vehicle and/or license plate with the University or the applied owner/person recorded as the registered license plate owner will be responsible for:

  1. Any violation issued with respect to the said vehicle and license plate.
  2. Any unidentified vehicle and/or license plate registered to the same owner or applied owner.
  3. All administrative costs and fees associated with the above.

3.4 All students, faculty, staff, and visitors who park a motorized vehicle on University property are required to obtain an authorized permit and pay the required fee.

3.5 Parking permits are not transferable and must be surrendered to the Office of Campus Parking Services when the permit is no longer required and/or when the permit is cancelled by Parking Services.

3.6 Rear View Mirror (RVM) hang tag permit is to be displayed at all times while on University property and is to be attached to the rear view mirror on front windshield with decal facing to the front of the vehicle so as to make it plainly visible for inspection from the outside of the vehicle.

3.7 Other vehicles owned by permit holders and which use designated parking lots must be registered with Campus Parking Services and the appropriate permit properly displayed, provided that only one vehicle belonging to a permit holder may use a parking lot at any one time.

3.8 Parking is permitted only in allocated parking lots and at meters as specified in these regulations. Parking is allowed only on paved areas of parking lots and in accordance with the spaces so designated for parking. Visitors will park in the visitors' lot provided or at meters, and will pay the fee as stipulated.

3.9 No person shall park any motor vehicle:

  1. On any University parking lot without visible parking permit for the said lot.
  2. On campus driveways or access routes.
  3. On campus loading area and zones.
  4. On campus shipping and receiving areas.
  5. On campus sidewalks.
  6. On campus grassed areas.
  7. On campus construction or renovation sites.
  8. In other areas designated as prohibited from time to time by the University.

3.10 Parking permits may be cancelled if the permit holder refuses to pay for outstanding parking violations or if parking permit is misused.

3.11 Parking permits may not be issued to persons who have outstanding parking violations under these regulations.

3.12 Persons who park in metered lots and who exceed the time allowed by the metering machine shall be in violation of these regulations.

3.13 Any person, who by any method assists others to gain access to or exit from a parking lot in contravention of the Regulations will be liable to a fine and/or tow, and in addition may have any privileges for parking on campus rescinded.

3.14 Use of open flame, barbecues, smokers, or any other cooking device is expressly prohibited without written prior approval from the Campus Parking office.

3.15 Habitating on University of Windsor property, including parking lots, in a camper, trailer, motor vehicle or any temporary structure including tents, pop up structures or structureless is expressly prohibited without written prior approval from the Campus Parking office.

Contact Campus Parking Services

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