Fines & Enforcement

Section 4.0 Fines

4.1 Persons who violate the parking regulations are subject to fines. (See Schedule of Fees)

4.2 Persons who park indesignated pay per use areas, who by means or method, fail to pay or avoid payment of the appropriate fees shall be ticketed and/or towed.

4.3 Failure to comply with these Regulations may result in fines, the withholding of a degree or grades and/or blocking access to course registration due to non-payment of fines, cancellation of parking privileges, and/or tow away and storage of the vehicle at the owner and/or applied owner's expense.

4.4 All fines shall either be paid to the Office of Campus Parking Services within 14 days or an appeal filed within the same time period.

4.5 The owner/applied owner of the vehicle license plate is ultimately responsible for the payment of all violations issued against the plate. In addition when the owner is unknown, a fee to cover the cost of obtaining license plate owner information from the appropriate governmental body will be applied to the account.

4.6 Motor vehicles parked in prohibited zones, including shipping and receiving areas, sidewalks, grassed areas, construction areas, or blocking traffic, shall be, in addition to other penalties set forth in these regulations, subject to being towed away at the owner's expense or impounded.

4.7 The University may share your licence plate number with a third party company to collect funds owing on delinquent parking tickets.

Section 5.0 Enforcement

5.1 The parking regulations shall be enforced at the discretion of the Director of Campus Services and/or her representative(s).

5.2 Parking violations and orders to have motor vehicles towed away shall be issued by the Manager of Campus Parking Services or their representative(s).

Contact Campus Parking Services

If you have any parking related questions, please contact our office. We are located at:

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